Does social media apple, why hire Nike social promotion boss?

according to, the company recently hired a former Nike Musa, head of social media Marketing Department Tariq. And it was not long ago, apple still think using social media to brand, product promotion is just a piece of cake, even there is no need to please call from outside professionals to be responsible for the business.

although social media publicity power has been growing, but apple seems to be for the promotion of this new way to hold a very conservative attitude. Although cook and other apple executives have Twitter account, but the basic is semi active state. In addition, apple currently operates with iTunes and App Store page on Facebook enterprise propaganda. Obviously, apple on social media publicity cannot be compared with its investment in traditional media. More it is worth noting that even with nokia and samsung compared on social media investment, also seems to be much less. An obvious example is that nokia Twitter almost unmitigated madness to the opponent’s ridicule, provocative, can cause the official concern of industry and consumers. What’s more, apple’s senior vice President in charge of marketing, has said that is easy to use social media for marketing, he can finish the task.

so, today, apple hired Musa Tariq, can be seen as an apple on the attitude toward social media of a transformation. Such a shift. Social platform for brand promotion has incomparable advantages: cheap, fast speed, easy to form a word of mouth effect and so on. For the benefits of using social platform buildup, Mr Luo, lei jun, yu and others should be the most experience.

Musa Tariq previously for Nike, responsible for the company’s social media marketing and relationship maintenance tasks such as athletes. What’s interesting is that this person is from the famous luxury retailers burberry to Nike. And in the burberry, Musa Tariq is also responsible for social media to promote business, etc. Apple has employed a burberry former CEO Angela Ahrendts as head apple retail and online stores. Previously, Musa Tariq is Angela Ahrendts of subordinates.