Domestic 90 samples of entrepreneurship: after separation from the valuation of nearly 100 million yuan to night

/jian-ping lei, from tencent technology

“don’t start a company with your best friend.” It’s used to hit movie “partner in China” in the lens, one of movie master wang Yang looked at because different opinion to break with the two other partners speak this sentence.

and online education website instant noodles a vivid case happened recently. Instant noodles, worked as a real-life case of “partner in China” was written to the China youth daily articles, are still hanging on its website today this article on the media.

the irony is that in the instant noodles will get A round of funding, just sign the final agreement, the valuation of 100 million website is split between A night. Three core team members are now almost “enemy”.

in instant noodles, the official statement, formally expelled co-founder Wang Chong, YanJi he, take all kinds of administrative authority, responsibility and maintain the related rights, and accused Wang Chong, YanJi he stop the direct or indirect use of the theft of instant noodles project code.

YuHaoRan, founder of the instant noodles, in a statement, it shall be ordered to the learning to a network technology (Beijing) co., LTD. And its and related personnel, Wang Chong, YanJi he stopped using instant noodles brand, said YuHaoRan reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibility.

Wang Chong, YanJi he also “an eye for an eye”. YanJi he in July 1, 2014, the instant noodles, the project team and the original user management personnel from the user QQ group in the play, the serious influence to the instant noodles market operations.

as a Ceng Dayou future online education enterprise, the instant noodles of let people. Instant noodles now face the biggest problem is that the three young people YuHaoRan, Wang Chong, YanJi he is too young, if serious misconduct in dealing with corporate control.

instant noodles origin: since the birth of American university campus

in January 2012, the founder of the instant noodles, YuHaoRan apply to register “” domain name, instant noodles, in the same year April conception to complete the project ideas. In December, YuHaoRan instant noodles, trademark design, and invite them in the United States at the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign students participate in the development of “instant noodles” early version. This is instant noodles, the earliest predecessor.

then YuHaoRan according to project development needs, invite members to join in succession, as of 1 January 2013, basic molding products, into the closed beta. In February 2013, due to a lack of comprehensive logistics personnel in the project, YuHaoRan recruiting co-founder YanJi he joined (be noodles project team member) 8. YanJi he is responsible for human resources, financial, legal and administrative work.

in April 2013, instant noodles for the project need to strengthen content development operations, YuHaoRan Wang Chong joined (be noodles project team member 10). Wang Chong early responsible for the content developers relationship maintenance, responsible for project financing in the late of investor relations maintenance. Wang Chong join the next day (April 21, 2013), entered the stage of internal testing project.

on June 7, 2013, the founder of YuHaoRan to represent road noodles project in tianjin, start the process of seeking angel investment, and contact with an angel fund for the first time. In October the same year, in the above said angel fund for instant noodles right after the project has the interest to learn more, at that time in America YuHaoRan assigned Wang Chong and related funds for further communication, communication.

YuHaoRan, Wang Chong, YanJi he three people for baidu to make summer camp program, three people used to work in the baidu is the link between Yang bin, Yang Binceng in youku potatoes served as director of human resources, after joining the instant noodles, too. This a few people, YuHaoRan 92, Wang Chong, YanJi he respectively in 88, Yang bin after 70, with Yang bin oldest, in one of the most stable.

if the three friends recognized bole Yang Binzao some to join the team, the three “partner,” perhaps it is not the point of breaking up in the night. But it is not ideal, in the later YuHaoRan not in domestic, Wang Chong, YanJi he founded and practical grasp of the company, it also set a dangerous precedent for subsequent development.

project appear serious mistakes By outsiders loophole

instant noodles at the end of 2013 established the study to a network technology (Beijing) co., LTD., but the founders YuHaoRan have been studying in the us for a long time, haven’t been told, registered capital, ownership structure and counterfeit signature.

on June 19, 2014, an attorney YuHaoRan query learned of the department in charge of industrial and commercial registration, registration and establishment, the company, Wang Chong holds a 65% stake in the company, YanJi he holds 10% stake in the company, the company’s executive director.

YuHaoRan pointed out that the instant noodles company during this period, the main provision, has not yet agreed to be fake signatures, Wang Chong, YanJi he, “YuHaoRan, angel funds and the” learning to a sign of the so-called “investment agreement” network science and technology.

in May 2014, was told that the agreement signed for the first time YuHaoRan release content (the version of the agreement with previous YuHaoRan informed, the investment agreement is the final version information in the agreement, guarantee the right of investors and the executive director of the lawful deprivation YuHaoRan for all the shares), no longer need YuHaoRan as the parties to this agreement sign, cause YuHaoRan express strong protest on the spot.

in the process of later met with investors, YuHaoRan said that he was trying to exclude, only personal experience, even to attend meeting cannot correct Wang Chong, YanJi he exaggerated and deviate from the description of the facts.

on June 20, 2014, instant noodles team reported serious faults. People familiar with the tencent technology, points out that the trademark query found that because of YanJi he serious dereliction of duty, “noodles” trademark in key categories applies a henan company focuses on April 3rd.

these people said, as early as October 2013, instant noodles, several members of the team asked YanJi he apply for trademark, but until June 2014, the company internal contradictions during the data compilation to just discover, malicious registered the trademark has been people.

this means that if the team under the applicable category expanded use instant noodles trademark, could face prosecution, for the young team, it is undoubtedly a very big mistake. YanJi he is faced with huge criticism within the team.

this story was finally Wang Chong, YanJi he was expelled from the team. An early noodles staff said, in the face of nowadays situation, Wang Chong, YanJi he in front of her is not willing to say what, they just have been saying “they were very sad.

YuHaoRan said the team except Wang Chong, YanJi he left outside, still in normal operation, the noodles has established a new company, and is brewing gradually enable the new trademark.

are frustrated Yang bin: look at all heartache

the contradiction on the eve of the outbreak of instant noodles, team, instant noodles look still thriving, A few more than 20 years old young people after years of struggle, A round of funding will arrive soon. According to a person familiar with the matter, there are three VC shows 15% of the stock investment of $2 million, an investor would be willing to give 3 million dollars to account for 20% of the shares, and extrapolate that instant noodles valuations nearly RMB 100 million.

but in A round of funding to eve, YuHaoRan, Wang Chong, YanJi he, Yang bin, four men together, equity issues, the story is intense, YuHaoRan angry leave after 15 minutes to return to the scene, Wang Chong threat didn’t understand too much on the spot.

YuHaoRan said, “I have all the lot code is deleted (editor’s note: we have learned, technical staff has been under the arrangement of YuHaoRan backup before good code); Team collaboration platform, I first turn off your permission; I will set up emails addressed to the angels, in an hour, and to which we talked about A round of investor’s email, will send out after an hour and A half, email me all the data before those who exaggerate said understand, you don’t want to explain lying before the explanation, also clarify the real product development plan, to ensure that is responsible for investors. Let’s talk about now, look at is to get the mail, or let’s put everything together and investors say “face to face.

to the scene, Wang Chong thinks the words YuHaoRan was only I have a copy of the “code”, “inside counted Wang Chong, as the company from the start, how to engage our angels together for framing, I want to kick me out so one thing”, etc. Regardless of the two parties who described in this paragraph is real, “threat” of YuHaoRan seem to play a role, in the next few hours, Wang Chong offered four people accept and achieve “reconciliation” plan.

together for four burst problems the next day, suddenly Wang Chong said he didn’t react, not in accordance with the “reconciliation” plan to do so. Because “HaoRan impulse do such a thing is not 15 minutes, but carefully set bureau”.

Wang Chong, also thinks YuHaoRan have three requirements: 1, the second half of the year to return to school; 2, when the CEO; 3, to be holding. These three goals cannot achieve at the same time. As Wang Chong said “actually I still say that sentence, investors with what throw you a part-time person?” In a bystander, Wang Chong, YanJi he is reason enough for YuHaoRan expressed dissatisfaction.

although the instant noodles it is YuHaoRan created in the United States, team members will generally recognize his remote control and propulsion technology, product and market most of the work, but after all YuHaoRan long-term study in the United States. , by contrast, ability and judgment, because once approved YuHaoRan Wang Chong in only need to complete the thesis can be chose to drop out of school, under the condition of YanJi he in to the United States under the condition of middle school faculty, resolutely resigned to return home, at home, will be a no legal status of the project team into a company operates, what makes them should not be more than a part-time, the founder of a voice? After all, they pay more for this matter.

bubble surface, the development of things, let Yang bin is also very difficult as a middleman, Yang told reporters, who account for the big things, I can see you Wang Chong and HaoRan opposite described about the same thing, one of the two people had lied.

Yang bin said that so far no evidence that two of them who lied. See YuHaoRan tidy up his computer and keyboard, is already a KuQiang. “To see a meter of nine in 92, so is the man to say such things, some love dearly.”

for broken cooperation in this matter, finally Wang Chong think YuHaoRan coming back from America, see the company have a psychological gap, and another behind his back, the last to have possessed. “Frank said, know HaoRan five years, he is not such a person, before I was recognized for his many ways, the real author is the person behind him.”

“but rumors already float world; For everyone who make mistakes, we should give more opportunities, but not a classmate completely lost.” YuHaoRan said to pile out one hundred million valuation oneself can’t agree with a lie is to do education but also to integrity, habitual lie objectionable. “Consider, this is my fourth project lead, heavy work, everything is easy.”

was asked about the biggest feelings “after this things, YuHaoRan said that the entrepreneurs give yourself a big lesson:” project management more than I ever have no direct interest, this is the lack of business experience, not strict investigation on trust a front, next time I must draw lessons from, you can choose and employ persons, but after careful inspection of choose and employ persons before.”

things to now, have all lost. , according to people familiar with the YuHaoRan, Wang Chong, YanJi 3 personal conflicts into the open, he let investors, investors and even threatened, if the startup team split between a few people really want to make, let everybody be achieved.