Don’t the Internet can also make a phone call, Ringo will play “subversion”

as Skype these instant messaging applications in popularity in recent years, more and more application vendors are also hope to be able to from a piece of the market. Among them, the Viber and recent Line is one of them, and they have launched their own cheap video call in the near future.

in the near future, one called “Ringo” also officially join the network communication application the currents of the competition. , according to the developers to introduce Ringo’s biggest characteristic is to allow users without access to the Internet provides a call. This means that, Ringo can provide similar voice communication function with telecom operators. And communication services are provided by Ringo will not delay because of Internet connection is not stable, loss of voice and data, timbre distortion and other common problems.

Ringo says users by mobile phone dial the phone will still show the out side of the mobile phone number information. Ringo, meanwhile, stressed that his voice service rate compared to other low many popular voice communications applications. Have analysts believe that this is clearly Ringo to Skype offerings of a killer.

it is understood that in the early part of the application release, Ringo to U.S. line users will launch the offer of a 80% cut, the per minute charges of $0.017 to $0.003. At present, on the other hand, Skype voice charges is $0.023 per minute, and it does not include the additional $0.049 on costs.

so far, Ringo has to include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United States and Britain, 16 countries and regions launched its own version of the iOS and Android applications, these areas of Ringo users can through this service call any parts of the world’s telephone number.

the analysis thinks, Ringo is likely to be a very has the potential market of network communication application, the application will not only pose a threat to other network communication application, at the same time also will impose great pressure on traditional mobile operators. At present, the relevant Ringo can produce as the devastating impact of instant messaging applications for SMS industries we is unclear, but the application in terms of the present stage of call quality is quite good, also did not face any technical problem, so we believe that the application has a very good development potential.