Don’t transition is finished acer unveiled a smart bracelet

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, acer has released many new products. One of the most notable is a named Liquid Leap health bracelet. For rust already seems to be some set of acer, now really have reached the position unchanged “die”.

acer official is not willing to reveal too much Liquid Leap in detail. But let us feel a little surprise, it didn’t use the Android wear system intelligent bracelet, there seems to be only and acer’s new Liquid Jade flagship phone bundles to use. It is understood that this product will be the end of June or in early August, target markets including the United States.

in addition, Acer also released 5 inch screen today’s flagship mobile Liquid Jade, Windows 8.1 “seal” equipment Acer Aspire 10 9 product such as the Switch. The media as “number, less bright spot”.

according to IDC’s latest data show that the PC market is “bottom rebound”. Acer’s PC shipments, unfortunately, is the world’s five biggest PC makers in the fall the worst. When recovery in old rivals, acer is still in the coffin.

in November last year, acer’s founder, Stan shih of suffering became save acer firefighters. A month later, acer’s board of directors decided to appoint former TSMC global business and marketing general manager Jason Chen (Mr. Chen) for acer’s new CEO.

in traditional missed a wave of mobile, PC business and before it, transformation for acer is imminent. Earlier, acer announced it would put more emphasis shift to the cloud services. Let the person worry some, this area has already been packed. No matter how, acer has arrived when hanging on by a thread!