Dried shrimp tencent for good voice floating number of entertainment music copyright ali layout

enter since 2014, the number of ali entertainment has been not idle, Zhang Chunning judged everywhere for ali in the layout of the cultural industry. Over the past six months, ali for entertainment has successively completed in games, animation, film and television in areas such as layout, the layout of this two days in the field of music is also a formal surfaced.

one day apart, alibaba to win “Chinese good voice” and “Chinese song” two popular music program, to take this opportunity to ali the layout of the number of entertainment in the field of music floating formally. Ali several music entertainment’s shrimp exclusive will enjoy in the third quarter, the good music of the People’s Republic of China music copyright, and shrimp will also participate in the Shanghai downtown flag under the other a music show “Chinese song” the preparatory work.

after, tencent with huge scored the third quarter of 250 million “Chinese good voice” exclusive video network copyright, but tencent’s QQ music is not to get good sound audio copyright cooperation framework, internal cooperation is not open to the shrimp music getting good sound audio exclusive rights can leave.

than video advertising value of copyright, music copyright practical stronger, most video will only look at once, and music can listen to again and again. Because ali not directly involved in video business, so don’t care for good sound video copyright, but for music copyright music layout of ali for entertainment.

in fact, ali for entertainment, music to layout since last June. Since last June 5, shrimp nets full try water music start, shrimp dominated ali for entertainment began on the plan layout of music development.

in June last year, shrimp online “musicians platform”, trying to reshape music industry chain. Musicians platform for independent record companies and artists, applied to be dried shrimp musicians, their own copyright music will be sent to you by shrimp platform for promotion and a return of 100%, dried shrimp not participate in revenue sharing.

after more than half a month, taobao music category is launched, category all content is provided by ali to buy music dried shrimp. At the same time, taobao online music means through the shrimp musicians platform realized marketing channels, provide the basis for hatching shrimp musicians.

13 at the end of the year, shrimp joint taobao tao, I will try for the first time concert, C2B model of network springlee, lee generation foam “shrimp network concert” in the tao I will platform launched on December 16, on November 15, 100000 yuan of concert capital purchase in advance, less than 20 856 pre-orders on antenna, far more than 100000 yuan.

in May this year, shrimp musician shi “the night’s piano concert” held in Shanghai, is dried shrimp music with taobao merchants joint to the exploration of music can be sold and turned into money. Concert by shi signing Tmall merchants “mommy” in October to provide commercial sponsorship, as business cooperation and music copyright fee, musicians will receive a 100% net income shrimp music into will not be involved. Previously, taobao shop “if aquatic flowers” and musicians richael, simple sea, musicians such as hand in hand, spreading out for healing of face of “music”, in the packaging products are dried shrimp music APP qr code, try music interactive marketing.

not only such, shrimp are relying on taobao sellers resources, try more to provide liquidity may for musicians, such as shops for background music, VIP rights card give consumers and businesses to buy shrimp, musicians at the same time can also provide businesses with soft endorsements, etc. A variety of ways.

in the other, in this two days ali for entertainment and shimmering stars a cooperation framework, Shanghai entertainment treasure will be involved, provide more play music for singers, creators to space, and could provide more cash, and further explore the music C2B model of development.

number of ali dominated by shrimp music entertainment music industry chain is gradually clear. In ecological idea of ali for entertainment music, the music at the core of ali for entertainment platform, dried shrimp musicians play a link with the user’s link role, while taobao based, relying on its own electricity try through B end sellers for musicians to perform, through a entertainment treasure C2B music mode development, support musicians to create, reduce the distance with the fans, enhance the interaction. In simple terms, ali for entertainment platform connected to musicians, B side sellers and users, and entertainment ecological is ali will three series of flexibility, use a variety of ways to bring benefits and interests.

in order to promote influence in the field of music service, ali for entertainment not hesitate heavy gold to buy in the third quarter, “Chinese good voice” exclusive music copyright, shimmering stars and plan joint support good sound singer and songwriter. Through cooperation with popular music festival purpose, help to boost the shrimps music platform in music circles fans with an audience psychological influence, thus to increase the number of ali cashability of entertainment music.

on the output side, in addition to music platform and taobao music dried shrimp, ali for entertainment will also be in Tmall music, the output of the magic box shrimp, Tmall magic box sales already broken millions, become one of important sitting room entrance, and play the music is the sitting room is one of the joys of life. In addition, a background in ali investment ttpod ali number will also be spread entertainment music play a great role.

fast layout of ali in the music market, will start a BAT three giants in the field of music. Dried shrimp music, QQ music, the fierce fight between baidu music, will be a bloodbath online music market. Music copyright will be more and more competitive market, as well as the “Chinese good voice”, “Chinese song”, “I’m a singer” and so on popular music show exclusive competition strategic cooperation will also be more intense.

article/Wang Liyang

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