DrinkAdvisor: do a “vertical public comments on”

comments in class web site or application is a hard work. In addition to a powerful technical force as support, more important, more difficult is offline businesses channel. Not only that, but users often claim to the review site is extremely high, any tiny “errors” could make very not easy to build a trust mechanism. As latecomers, want a share in the industry, possible?

want to figure out this problem, we can see the comment on the type of sites. Hunting cloud network editor jun popular review sites can be divided into two types: the first category is the public comments and Yelp on behalf of the pure sense of review sites; The second category is Foursquare and Facebook (Facebook launched offline store reviews) from the “social” cut sign in and share comments such as “social comments on application (function)”. Look from the trend, social networking site or application with a large number of users, and natural word of mouth communication chain, so pure review sites and social networking giant cooperation, is the best in each other.

so I want to be review sites of entrepreneurs, is there a third possibility through? For a bit, we can consult the current electricity industry. Although taobao as a giant, has already formed the absolute advantage, but focus on niche of vertical electrical business frequently. Every guest, will end product, the optimal product, etc., in a period of time before the show is very grab an eye. So, do a “vertical version of the public comments on”.

DrinkAdvisor is such a comment on the application. As the name suggests, this free application focus on highest rated near to provide users with the best bar or nightclub, customer feedback. At present, DrinkAdvisor has been in 130 cities worldwide to provide this service.

so what’s the advantage of vertical review application?

vertical comments on the shop category is less more advantages disadvantages. Focus only on bar is recommended, whether in terms of data processing or under the first, we are to reduce the difficulty of the work and easier to improve the professionalism of the information. Need to clear that even the similar mass comments on such comprehensive review sites, users in the use of only concentrated on a few information between species. After the survey said, most people is the most frequent use of public comments on the scene, to a strange place near search evaluation good restaurants or hotels.

in addition, the vertical review can allow the team to put more energy on the experience of product development. DrinkAdvisor besides having a bar near the critique view functions, but also allows the user to save their favorite, experience bar list, directly within the application friends send invitation, view special functions such as alcohol modulation method.

cloud network editor jun has long argued that hunting for a review websites to the reliability of the information is far more important than richness. Therefore, do a more professional, better vertical review application experience is a good idea.

at present, DrinkAdvisor have login and respectively.