Dropbox to return to his Alma mater, founder of the MIT: don’t waste your life every day

to return to the MIT

once again return to MIT, I feel very honored. Today is a special day, I still wore my Brass Rat ring (pictured above, graduated from MIT honor ring), I feel excited for you. In your life over the past few decades, success means to climb step by step. But from this moment start, success means no longer exam scores, a good university, with degree.

you don’t know where the future will, so the plan for a future life also impossible. But you can’t wait to meet again in the future: perhaps company, cancer treatment, or write a great novel. Who knows what the future holds? And so, as it is today and a coat on your speech is not in my seven years ago (graduate) plan. In fact, I never had a grand plan – now I understand, maybe life will not have any grand plans, let alone with graduation.

a small writing (cheat sheet)

from today onwards, you will meet a new life. I thought for a long time, how it will be different? If I had to do it again, I will be how to choice? Wisdom and efforts to enable you to stand here, but no one tell you, henceforth sanders’ secret recipe for success. So, I would like to give you a small writing. How I wish when we graduated from someone can give me this one.

if you look closely at the cheat sheet I gave you, it won’t have a lot of things: a tennis ball, a circle and a number 30000, that’s all. I know you may feel some puzzling, but please be patient.

21 years old, I set up my first company. I and co-founder Andrew Crick are no experience at all. We decided to create a new SAT online courses, because at that time most of us are bulky, outdated textbooks on page 800, the quality of the network course is also very poor. We The name Accolade for it, this is a SAT vocabulary, The meaning of “The honorary title of”, The company full name is The Accolade Group, LLC, because we think it’s cool.

your business card design, write the word “founder” the feeling is very good. But best of all, I can learn all sorts of new things. Every summer, I read a lot of books on the roof in the home, including marketing, sales, management, and other things that I know nothing. I didn’t intend to read on the roof of my MBA, but it did happen.

A tennis

a few years later, I met the bottleneck, let me inefficient hit obstacles. Has always been my dream to build a company, but I began to doubt my ability.

so I take a vacation. I started writing a poker robot program. If you play poker online, you may have such experience. Sitting in front of the computer for a few hours, finally lost money. Poker robot can let the computer to help you get the money lost. This is a very interesting challenge. I was completely enthralled, day and night like a machine in thinking.

like what you do, but this is not all. Let yourself believe that you like is too simple, who is willing to admit that he doesn’t like? I know the most successful, most people enjoy not only love what they do, they were still addicted to solve the key problem, which is very important for them. This picture reminds me of the dog chased the tennis: can you see in their eyes a little bit crazy, even pulled all tied to their belt. I have some friends work hard, get paid a lot, but still often complain about work.

the problem is that they don’t immediately find their own tennis. Let me feel afraid, poker robots and Dropbox started all made me feel distracted. There seems to be a voice in my head has been in command me where to go, but I am constantly asked it to shut up. Sometimes the voice is the most real.

it took me a long time to comprehend this truth. Most efforts to that group of people not because they are discipline. They work hard, because they in solving the problem of an exciting harvest the joy. So from now on, don’t reluctant to push themselves forward. Try to find their own tennis, it will pull you back. You might hesitate for a long time, but before the find, listen to your inner voice.

a circle

let’s go back to that summer I just graduated. That is a perfect or near perfect summer. My good brother, Adam Smith, his friend Matt Brezina and I are going to set up a company, we feel like we together under the one roof dasheng is cool. Matt and Adam day and night to write code, and the interest of potential investors, invite them by helicopter to travel. But as for me, I spent several years of efforts, in their company and Adam just spent a few months time. Where is my helicopter?

in August, Adam gave a bad news: they want to move out, go to silicon valley. But I can’t. I will often and Adam after a phone call and understand the situation over there. They have been very good, such as he mentions in the afternoon saw investor Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, a billionaire. In the end, he dropped a bombshell: he will give me 5 million dollars.

I was completely shocked. He has always been my good partner, 2 years younger than me. (the use of football in a metaphor), reality is like, he enter the super bowl, but I was not even any draft was selected. He unwittingly gave me a good “blow”, it is time to change.

it is said, and you get along with most of the average of 5 represents your level. Think a minute carefully: who will be in your circle of 5. The good news is that MIT is form the circle one of the best places. If I didn’t come here, I wouldn’t know Adam, also won’t know the another Dropbox Arash founder, also won’t have Dropbox.

I realize that there are a group of rich inspirational people, just as important as your own talent, hard work. You circle push you become better, just like Adam to push me.

but don’t forget, only one MIT, Hollywood, silicon valley is only one. It is no coincidence that: no matter what you do, top talent will only usually gathered in one place. That’s where you should go. Where will you meet your hero, he is also in your circle, learn from them.

you just need a success

just graduated also easy to fall into a trap: not ready for won’t go to do. Don’t understand is wrong, to learn is the primary, but the fastest way to learn is to start work. If you have a dream, of course, you should use a life time to learn, to plan, to prepare. But now I want to do, just left.

I think I never really ready. I still remember our first investor said “good”, he asked me where the money should be playing? For a 24-year-old young people, it is as happy as Christmas. I would refresh the company’s bank account over and over again, looking at it from $60 to $1.2 million. At first I was ecstatic, also took a picture to commemorate. But the thought of one day, they will take the money back, I’m a bad stomach. It was on the point of no return. You must understand my feeling, at MIT this is called the “water” in the fire hydrant. It may sound very interesting, but I know how uncomfortable it was you. But we also learned that is not a bad thing. Today, a valve is closed, you have to do, is to find another fire hydrant.

you might think, founded Dropbox is the most stimulating and fun in my life, the most rewarding thing. And I did not tell you, it is also the most humiliated, let me feel the most depressed, the most painful experience. I even can’t remember the number of I made a mistake. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter. In real life, there is no GPA is 5.0. In fact, when you say goodbye to the school, the concept of GPA will cease to exist. Every mistakes you make in the school can affect your final grade, but in real life, you are the greatest danger is not fail, and it’s too easy.

the first Bill Gates is the company of developing software for the traffic light, his first company is producing plastic whistle. Both failed, this is my most satisfied of reality: the mistakes of the past will not accumulate. Henceforth, failure is not important, you just need a success.


once, I worry about all sorts of things. But I will always remember, when I began to heart calm down. When I first moved to San Francisco, one night, I really can’t sleep. So I open my laptop and read the sentence: life is only 30000 days. At first I didn’t think much, but I took the calculator a calculate, 365 X 24, found that almost 9000 days are over! What have I done?

so this is the reason why I write 30000 on a cheat sheet with us. In the evening, I realized that a life without a warm-up, no practice, no reset button. Every day, we are all in for their own story to add a few words. So from then on, I am no longer the life pursuit of perfection, but trying to make life more interesting. I hope my story became an adventure – it changed everything.

my grandmother is here today, will celebrate her 95th birthday next week. After I go to California and she played many times, there is a detail has been printed in my mind: every time she hung up the phone will say a word to me when, Excelsior, mean up continuously, keep improving.

today is your ceremony, you came to the first day of the real world. My hope is to you, don’t pursuit of the perfect life, and give you own freedom, life into a beautiful adventure. Also, constantly upward. thank you

source: sina science and technology