Easy to play big car, going into challenge Uber San Francisco and New York

bloomberg website reported that Chinese car sharing service company is easy to transport to San Francisco and New York market, Uber challenge the United States.

easy to transport the 57 cities in mainland China and Hong Kong to provide services, the company plans to include San Francisco and New York is in the service scope. In the United States, easy to use differential elements will be able to speak Chinese drivers. So when the passengers came to John f. Kennedy airport, you can easily call a car, and no language barrier.

easy to transport, founder and CEO eay this week in Beijing, said: “most Chinese can’t speak English, after came to another country may find it difficult to communicate with foreign drivers. We will provide to speak Chinese in the United States and other places of the driver.”

easy to transport included, on a global scale more and more car sharing service hope to replicate Uber successful. Headquartered in San Francisco, Uber $17 billion valuation in the latest round of financing. In Europe, many taxi drivers protested to the emergence of such services. But eay confidence in the future is easy to use. Figures show that China’s outbound travellers last year close to 100 million people. Valuation will eay is expected, easy to use it in the next few years to achieve a similar level of Uber.

Uber was founded in 2009, has now covers 128 cities of the 37 countries. Set time and easy to use 14 months later than Uber. At present, the company has 2 million active users and 50000 signing drivers. Next year, the company plans to expand our business to 150 cities, 10 times to promote growth.

after New York and San Francisco, easy to transport and planning to expand our business to Los Angeles, Boston, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. These are Chinese travelers often go to the destination. Eay said: “we want to prove to the world, competition is not Uber and easy to use global companies and local competition, but competition two different business model. They can come to China, and we can enlarge the scope of business, competing with them in the United States.”

in the United States and the European city, easy to transport would also face similar Uber. This week, London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris, the city’s traffic paralysis, more than 30000 taxi drivers blocked the path of the tourist center and business district, have protested the arrival of the Uber. They believe that the government’s failure to the same standard to treat ordinary taxi license and Uber. (d)

source: sina science and technology