Eat, sleep, black people?

the author: Yang Junjun

recently read some Internet comments, found a very special phenomenon, basically every once in a while, renren is overly industry experts and media group. (maybe because I only see from the media and network media, see too much?)

but this time the most interesting thing is, I saw People’s Daily, the officer, “renren disappear, plunging 3/4, what do you think?” I have to jump out to, the official mouthpiece wall all ah. Research at that time the teacher told a gossip, said why did Mr Ma to do, because once is sina black out xiang… Once the portal and news, as with nuclear weapons, may not take the initiative to attack, but must have in his hand. This is why we seldom see the portal crazy black another portal technology channel, because no significance, directly will move back a face is scratched, at most is to highlight the other results in negative paste cover page displayed when the headlines.

if we put these writing everyone’s point of view, and title together, you will find that in fact the content of the said over the past six months also is such points: renren shares have plunged, renren strategic mistake, renren Chen, hide to fry a stock in the shed, renren selling glutinous rice survival, renren old and so on.

shares no IPO high and it is a fact that has been depressed; The fact is that the mobile Internet slow transition. But see some articles as a biography, “Chen, cigar-chomping, sitting in his office, the President hit” selling “keyboard button, for an instant, netted tens of millions of dollars… “It’s not surprising that leaders and write the biography”, the chairman of pace in front of the window for a long time, suddenly said thoughtfully, XX comrade to have no? “The same light blind dog eye. After each get reading pleasure, I sometimes wonder, how much is true, the content and how much is the hearsay which in turn created yourself far-fetched to imagine? Why tencent sold sogou, the search is called shuangjian combination, called Yi Xun and electricity are packaged to jingdong commitment, and everyone sell glutinous rice to baidu has become a hot potato, sell QiuRong son? The most interesting thing is, I found the same journalists, may is written before three quarters, analysts think maybe everyone should no longer continue to put on the glutinous rice, but changed hands to other O2O big alligator is better; And in the last quarter, the same journalists, tone, and become the do not achievement of cutting style has become a habit that renren. I think if I am Chen, must be crazy, I’m a sell or not sell?

this article is reproduced similar again and again to go after the black people web has become a compulsory course for many industry experts and the media. Like this “herd” described, when a person is caught the attention of the people some of the views, there will be more people devoted to scramble to emulate. and, more importantly, the other is the problem, so it’s hard to argue one by one.

use this metaphor to describe black people web inertial phenomenon while very appropriate, but that doesn’t explain the deeper reasons for this phenomenon. In fact, the formation of black people in the group, another key point is that no black school users just don’t grasp the mainstream discourse. It’s like, we can in the media vilified after 90 promiscuous and irresponsible, and you can’t seem to see their response, but in fact, after 90 or simply don’t care about the content, or they will hide in renren, QQ space to ridicule the society these biases, why say 90 after work is no sense of responsibility, flower heart disorderly no moral integrity?

specific to renren, actually is the collective ambitions, we all is for the sake of what to say, still want to say that want to use it to express our deep and said that some emotions – you don’t know how they can for once his infatuation but now it seems to escape and so natural and unrestrained say BYE, or can calm to tell the value of independent thinking and judgment.

renren strategic shift the inevitability of

as a monk, this year just graduated from school of study if you ask me, “after graduation, will you still be with renren”, may I answer, “now may continue to use, but after a period of time, probably won’t use.” Like me answer often are used to supporting the development of the renren limitations, even in the six months ago renren announced the strategy of “back to school” after the release, and people often can’t use it as the human as a continuous type social platform.

in fact, I think everyone is facing the biggest challenge in the past few years is not here. It used to and happy 001 played a not so nice, and contained the growth of the other, it shows that he still had a chance once in white-collar market, users have recognized xiaonei turns into a more comprehensive “renren”; It once and tencent “net friends” continue to collide with the campus, until the other lines in the operation of the work proves that the campus is not simply rely on QQ friends relationship chain can replicate. Why is that? The system of social relationship chain, is the core of it in the SNS phase DNA.

this DNA like stealing food, is a heart with the spread of the virus and self-protection feature, that is, the once set up a social network real-name relationship chain, the user’s migration, it is difficult to can steal a cabbage, you move the whole garden, it is very difficult.

but, but I have to say, the in the PC era hard barriers (user bother to go to another web site to create new relationships) is a lightweight “two to foil” break – yes, mobile phone address book. You know, each licensed mobile phone app can read your phone contacts, there is a real name, and have the phone number. Therefore, just like when I first USES renren surprise, “here you are.” into phones “address book friends also in use, you accept her as a friend”, the user in the surprise even poke a few times, immediately quick completed a new “real-name system” of the construction of the social network, but this time, it is on the phone, and faster than email invitation.

this is doomed, and, in the mobile Internet market leading product coverage is more rapid and struggle. This means that in the face of the whole people to provide a communication the possibility of social software, almost none. Users don’t need “challenger” micro letter, well users don’t want to change it. This is why, we saw the post bar, Momo, renren app version, are trying to find a unique vertical segmentation points. This day and age, who said I want to replace the micro letter, that must have been going back and forth or easy to believe, but you see now yi letter also don’t say so. Everyone wants to understand, impossible not to die fight, instead, find a vertical, strange dating? The secret? Interest groups? Campus square? These are all trying to find a use of LBS (mobile first feature) and maintain independent characteristics. And contacts for each app can get, so there is no so-called defence in this matter.

so, I don’t completely surprised renren said they want to return to school and young people, because only in this way can beat the street car in the alley, the transformation is wise, but need time to verify the same. What the strategy is correct, we cannot yet determined, renren, after all, this strategy of younger only for half a year. And then you’re welcome, everyone is not always vision, strategic tactics of slag right? So, I think the initiative transformation, passive force to evolve, at least from the point of the competition in the field of social, social status of micro now believe friends almost no shake, renren actually in the heart also already don’t expect to be able to be another micro letter, so gradually shrinking defence, with existing micro letter, make a separate social networking platforms such as weibo, into the student groups, to fight.

back to me just said “graduation of choose and employ persons no longer”, behind the seemingly reasonable logic, but there is another thinking – that is, as a social platform, especially the competitive environment of the Internet in China, what should to do all in the field of population coverage, or focus on a better chance at a certain age? When we say “as long as one to leave the campus, won’t hook of choose and employ persons.” From on the other hand, when to go to the, becomes, in all online users have to stay young, don’t forget, when we are old, every year there are a large number of lexy entered the high school and college, become the new users for renren. My teachers always stay in the university, I can’t say that, the teacher, we walked, you didn’t value the life, in fact the teacher, I just graduated from 14 years a wench, another group of 14 years and a new entrance. So, in short, the university teacher if you can have a very good, we don’t have to sigh, worried that renders service brand, students and young people from the loss of this that, penniless. Everyone is the client from the recent version update and propaganda strategy point of view,’ll this strategy seems to be to the end.

“in domestic can’t find a second platform can like renren to highly focus on students”, this could be a renren most aren’t scream, but it is not a safe haven. Cen weibo and the age of the micro letter sink very fast, not to mention stranger stranger to how boys and girls who hormone impulse is full of temptation. If everyone thought that hide in a hutong is a shoo-in, that really is not the case. Student is not a single attribute of the tag, also may be a “current news lovers”, “print slasher” circle of friends, “night liao SAO otaku and girl”, you slow someone robbed the oh.

and as a young brand was not wrong to say goodbye

for this kind of phenomenon of inertia black hook, but another reason is that people in different stages for the cognition of the brand. That may be in a student’s view, renren is likely to be a very dynamic platform, basically all the students some site account, and renren strategy based on the campus, may form a new campus ecological system, but to have been out of school for a long time, or has been a long time, don’t choose and employ persons human renren seems to be a lifeless reptiles, after all, for him, has no use for a long time managing renren.

but here want to say is, from the perspective of the theory of relativity, the exclamation renren away from themselves, are not far away from the predominantly student social platform. It’s like when you sit on board found that stood on the shore of the sister you more and more far away at the same time, in the sister’s view, the growth of is because you left him. We can see that there are many brands are not associated with our life, the most typical case is the “m-zone” and “happy camp”, we have a lot of people after graduation will be set from the m-zone replaced with a more suitable for their own global, and as the growth of the age, we gradually accept the “happy camp”, but still do not get in the way of a new generation of group for the program to continue.

when a brand is no longer belong to us, actually does not represent the brand’s demise, instead should believe there will be more and more people have been fighting, continue to use this brand, and carry forward it. Put this truth in the social field, is also very suitable. in the event of an “horse”, for example, there was no choice micro letter circle of friends, but prefer to discuss on weibo share, in the event of “liu and milk tea MM”, milk tea MM ultimately choose to respond to this event on all platforms, simply because in her opinion, maybe everyone will be more concerned about her online, here is more suitable for her. So for those black people had formed inertia, this is likely to meet their specific ages of the aesthetic, but if the system for reference to students after 90, perhaps renren for the campus and the young social orientation will produce totally different.

renren brand narrowing is indeed an indisputable fact, but not in renren has gradually become a very suitable for users of a part of ages, how to make the group of users relief may be renren need to start thinking about a new problem, not only because the latter say the crowd control of public opinion, but a brand, when to give up part of the user, whether to have better handled properly, let the user do not produce a kind of anger or hate iron not to produce.

when first learning news writing, the instructor had told us, although news is based on the analysis of the facts, but more or less will still be some subjective opinions, and since it is the subjective opinion, will surely parochialism. But in the case of this is inevitable, on the one hand is the best way to maintain a more comprehensive view as far as possible, on the other hand is to see whether we can find some different with the already existing sound. So can not deviate from the characteristics of the news itself, but also can get more attention.

“want to be famous, call names; Bigger V, black ali “. When I saw the media and network media, the title passed “freak Chen”, “difficult to mask canker pants” and so on words… I am powerless to stop what, I just think this kind of freedom of the press comment, but in fact, everyone go to kick a foot one mouthful phlegm is not quite right. You can because you growth of a brand have some emotional, but sin is not so far, and no one ever force you to sniff out someone else’s pants. Sometimes I can’t imagine the phrasing, long what appearance, at ordinary times life may also be a 10-year?

note: is not big enough to put my energy renren deal with I have some more, you also need not use too much speculation of conspiracy theories. If only, is my university life and everyone is inseparable, my classmates and I in the above also from net from the net that fun, but it is not wrong to death. Those black it may shrugs, don’t take it seriously, I just take it spraying a name, ask for food… Thought of here is a little sad, since the media who to be told the legal theory? nullnullnull