Efforts to recruit the xian: silicon valley giants are genius high school students

in silicon valley, a strong technical personnel has always been a good catch.

a bidding competition big silicon valley

technical talents of hot, not easy to make silicon valley companies start utmost talent, and many have even extends to intern recruiting high school, and provide all kinds of high quality additional benefits. Facebook began to prospective freshman an olive branch, and LinkedIn as early as two years ago began to open to high school students summer program. In addition, such as someone whose startup recruiting young students some even is only 16 years old. Have to say, this kind of hiring trends of “young” is closely related with the culture of young people more silicon valley itself.

silicon valley companies did to people so fierce, because these young students have not only is capable of – currently open network resources has helped many young students cultivate good coding skills. A layer of reason, and that is for their company retain talent – these young students, sometimes also tend to take their own ideas, and not willing to join only a big company as a “screw”.

after all, the silicon valley’s entrepreneurial environment is good. Facebook’s early investor Peter Thiel every year for $100000 in funding students under the age of 20, encourage them to not be bound by school, trying to pursue. And create Summly Nick D Aloisio more by the technology entrepreneurship is a good example, because yahoo’s acquisition, D “Aloisio 17 last year was a real millionaire.

pay far too high

because of demand, silicon valley companies to the attention of the young talent is elevated to a strategic height. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Wener has said publicly that the talent is the most important assets of the company’s operating. And therefore, more and more technology companies to provide internship enriched the benefits – in addition to high salaries, and other benefits, such as Microsoft for a summer intern free concerts, Dropbox out tickets for interns parents come to visit companies understand, work with Google’s criteria, and laundry services etc.

once successively in Lookout mobile security company had an summer internship with big data Hadapt a startup of Daniel Tahara said that under a summer to earn more money than the American average income, the remuneration for 19, 20, student party, really ridiculously rich. While Tahara himself, began to join the Dropbox work this month.

code young opportunity

the 17-year-old Michael Sayman is Facebook grand move into the new forces of a few days ago, even before he hires is scheduled to meet with Facebook founder mark zuckerberg. Sayman use Facebook last year launched the Parse developer tools built called 4 snaps of mobile games, this “to send 4 pictures to friends and guess the word” little game player has reached 500000.

Sayman from 13 years old began to write the App household, and the 4 snaps is one of his masterpieces, once has become one of the best game on apple’s App Store list. Facebook’s Parse team also approached Sayman, hope he can in officer on detailed introduction to the game, then invited Sayman recorded on video, share his design process of the game. The video on Facebook is then used to make internal sharing, it is also the video that attention to Sayman, head of the practice workers, and offer a summer internship.

Sayman said after practice, he has been fully integrated into the valley of life, Facebook directly to sign him as formal employees also have not cannot.

young recruit not simple

according to the California law, hiring employees under the age of 18 to special application. Reality was because for a 16-year-old Conrad Kramer specially for the application. At the same time, because some students are still under the parents’ care, many internships related content, also must agree via the parents. Is the “additional issues” silicon valley companies need to consider.

but for young interns himself, to keep their rhythm is important as well. Many people also like Sayman, has “the moment into the feeling is very high, also may be not finish college” mentality, but some people can be found after all, some still is more suitable for specialized, systematic training.

like Google will hope to intern at least college freshmen, and to encourage interns to complete her studies. It is clear that not all companies have rushed to younger recruitment. Talent, to measure, and a lot of.