Elop: Microsoft will soon be sentenced “nokia mobile phone brand” the death penalty

since buy nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector, about Microsoft will be how to deal with the nokia mobile phone brand of rumours. As a responsible for WP, Surface, such as the Xbox all Microsoft hardware products, the head of the Microsoft senior vice President of elop, yesterday gave a more formal answer.

elop the core idea of mainly have three:

one of, media widely reported, Microsoft had internal documents used by the Microsoft Mobile Oy “is just a term for the convenience of the transitional call;

secondly, not a big surprise, Microsoft has long time not use a nokia mobile phone brand;

third, Microsoft will as soon as possible to find out the more suitable for smart phone brand name.

elop yesterday in the website to answer user questions, revealed the news.

“users won’t see future called ‘Microsoft Mobile WP brand like this. In addition, in use after a period of time, as a nokia smartphone brand will also cease to exist. At present, we are selecting a more suitable brand name.”

How much

let a person feel some doubts, elop mouth “nokia brand” whether include smartphone nokia Asha and high-end nokia smartphone brand the company. Analysts generally believe that Microsoft had may keep the two brands.

in addition, elop stressed that Microsoft would never again in future (mobile phone) on the brand name make users feel around the mouth and confusion.