Emberlight: let smart bulb is cheaper

for those who don’t want to be complicated or installation of a full set of smart home system expenses, such as Philips, LG, GE or Samsung fast connected smart bulb will be a great Gospel. However, these bulbs are not cheap. In Amazon, for example, a quick connect three bubble start package worth $200.

but there’s a new company called Emberlight want by providing a handling bulb of existing product for connecting users to more easily enjoy a light bulb brought about by the convenience, but the price also is more likely to be accepted by the user. It doesn’t need a wireless hub can compete with smart bulb products.

this is called the Emberlight company from July last year, chief executive of Atif Noori in Arduino “idle” growing up in the company. Born in silicon valley, and by those in the Atari, A& D and Digital Equipment working parents rearing, Noori growth environment in the semiconductor industry. For UCLA postdoctoral semiconductor, he spent eight years in chipmaking gear to develop and launch a low-power technology products.

Noori said: “since I have been to college, I have been interested in connecting devices and semiconductor devices.” But he added: “decoupling bulb connected seems to be logical, and this is the reason why I can have the Emberlight this idea. I think the LED is a great invention, but I regard them as more of a commodity. I think the connectivity is the most valuable part of the solution.”

to Emberlight market, Noori formed a team of experienced designers and engineers. Including worked in Raytheon, Intevac and Enphas company co-founder Gordon Kwan (hardware), former Google and former Autodesk employee Steve Arnold (designer), Raytheon and Booz Allen staff before Kevin Wolf (firmware) and was in yahoo, Adify and Dynamic Signal work Levi Wolfe (cloud).

other team members, including the design of mobile recently test platform is Electric Cloud acquired Kevin Rohling, worked in DreamWorks, Oracle, Involver and TrackR David Sangher. The former Acer CTO Arif Maskatia also as a technical consultant to join the team.

Noori said: “we have 10 to 20 years of work experience, is the industry veteran, and I think this is the advantage of our team.”

how to work the

for Emberlight device itself, the product set up is very simple. Any existing adjustable light bulbs, including incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, adjustable light energy-saving lamps and LED lights, can match with the products. Team is also plans to develop a future version of the Emberlight, while the design will be with any move light or not match the light bulb.

you only need to connect your existing bulbs to Emberlight base, then configure wi-fi to connect to your phone, you can use the Emberlight, at the same time also do not need additional hardware such as wireless hub.

Noori said, in fact, Emberlight can use a combination of bluetooth and wi-fi, only need a simple setup, mobile phones can be automatically connected to the you want to connect the light bulb. And then you have to do is just select your wi-fi and enter the password.

after setting up equipment, you can use a is currently in development with the software (iOS or Android) from your mobile phone to control the light. It will make you enjoy all the most connect bulb function: can choose dark from the phone or turn on the function; (such as the configuration of various “artistic conception model” preset romantic dinner mode); Configuration group; When away from home can be set up on vacation mode to destroy the light of manipulation of the lamp. Even you can configure the bulb gradually brighten mode has become a more close to the nature of the alarm clock.

the team is also working on a feature, this feature will allow the light bulb when you enter the room opened, closed when you leave the room. Despite the Emberlight hardware to support this function, software part has not been able to achieve.

but Noori explains, this process will involve combination using bluetooth signal intensity and users to install. You can press the button and then the phone while walking to the door to select the configuration room size. When this function, it will be updated via software transplant on all Emberlight users mobile phone.

the team is in in San Francisco Orange Fab Accelerator assembly. But beyond that, the seed round of $20000 will guarantee the company to move forward.

today, Emberlight are displayed on Kickstarter, can they expect to get $50000 of investment to put products into production.

Kickstarter attendees can be ordered in advance booking price of $49 bulbs, if one-time order 10 package for $399. According to the propaganda of the Emberlight funds after to determine whether the retail price was $60/$499.
Source: TC