Entrepreneurs of myth and reality

in the present, there are more and more people want to join to the entrepreneurial team, so what kind of entrepreneur is true? Let’s take a look at the myth of entrepreneurs and what are the differences between the reality.

entrepreneurs can’t shape, but natural.

even if entrepreneurs are born with the particular ingenuity, creativity, and energy, these qualities itself just is not the mud of the shaping and without applying the canvas. Entrepreneurs are through many years accumulation of related technologies, skills, energy and network was created, contains many of the self development. With at least 10 years or more than 10 years of business experience, can identify various business practices, and obtain the creative ability to foresee and the ability to capture business opportunities.
Anyone can create an enterprise.

how entrepreneurs can identify the difference between ideas and opportunities, and thinking enough air, they start a business chance of success is big. Even if the luck is very important in the success, preparation is still necessary and sufficient condition. Founded is only part of the most simple, is more difficult to survive, stay in business, and the enterprise development into finally can let the founder who made the harvest. In only about 1 in 10 ~ 20 new enterprises can survive for 5 years or more than 5 years, finally can bring founder returns on capital.
Entrepreneurs are gamblers.

successful entrepreneurs can accurately calculate their expected risk, be cautious. In selective cases, they by letting other people share the risks, avoid risks, or to minimise the risk, to influence the chance of success. Stuff are often divided into the risks acceptable, digestible pieces; At that time, they will pay the time and resources, look at that part of the risk and income is worth it. They will not consider to take on more risk, don’t take unnecessary risks, when risk is inevitable, also won’t shy to retreat.
Entrepreneurs like alone.

to be completely with ownership and control of the entire company, will only limit the growth of the enterprise. Individual entrepreneurs often can only survive, want to develop a high potential enterprise alone is extremely difficult. High potential entrepreneurs to build their own team, their organization, and then is his own company. Besides, one hundred percent of the empty is empty. So, rather than take a bigger cake, as everyone together to do the whole cake is bigger.
Entrepreneurs are their own boss, they fully independent.

entrepreneurs is far from fully independent, they need for a lot of host and client services, including partners, investors, customers, suppliers, creditors, employees, family and other social and community obligations of related parties. However, entrepreneurs can choose whether, when and what to do in order to respond to them. And, to get more than $1 million to $2 million in sales is extremely difficult, it can be said that almost impossible.
Entrepreneurs than the manager of a big company work longer hours, to work harder.

there is no evidence to prove that all entrepreneurs than with their position in the company who work more. Some may be a little more work, and some are not. In fact, some studies report that they work less.
Entrepreneurs under enormous pressure, pay a high price.

do an entrepreneur is stressful and hard, no doubt about it. But there is no evidence that entrepreneurs than other numerous high demand of professional positions under more pressure, very pleased with their work often and entrepreneurs. They have a high sense of achievement, they are more healthy, and not too easy as easily retire as those working for others. Said he was “never don’t want to retire,” entrepreneurs is three times as many professional managers in the company.
If a company founded and fail, you will never turn.

talented and experienced entrepreneurs – as they chase is attractive business opportunities, but also can attract the right talent, make the enterprise running smoothly necessary funds and other resources, so they create are often successful companies. And even if the enterprise fails, and can’t say that entrepreneurs have failed. Failure is often a learning experience to the entrepreneurs and professional understanding distillation process. (dandelion international business incubator)