Entrepreneurship is what? Zhou Hongyi: think of yourself as the work of a lifetime are working

cloud network hunting note: what is the business? In most people’s understanding of the, may be a few people together to make something! Entrepreneurship is this true? Zhou Hongyi shows different views, he thinks that entrepreneurship is a state of mind, a kind of responsible attitude, no matter you are in a big company also in the start-up, if want to get professional growth, must have the entrepreneurial mindset.

article \ Zhou Hongyi

I think some people’s understanding of entrepreneurship has a mistake. They interpret entrepreneurship into several elder brothers open a company, go back a few box of business CARDS, my name is chairman of the board, you call the chief executive, his classmates neck hung a CXO, name is western style, also don’t know what mean. If the wrong understanding for entrepreneurship.

I hope you to understand entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a state of mind, to achieve a goal, the tireless pursuit. As long as you are not content with the status quo, to break through, to try to manage it’s business. If you are a student in the school, is the computer, if you are not satisfied with just the credits to learn, not satisfied with the exam to deal with good, but spent a lot of time to improve your programming skills, under a lot of work to study a lot of software, it is also the industry. Learning is such, the work also is such, as long as you are brave to face the problem, actively to solve problems, dare to assume the risk of future, it is the entrepreneurial mindset.

if we understand all the business I go out today to set up a company, the listed tomorrow, the day after tomorrow market value beyond Facebook, sorry, never had such success. Even where there is so smooth? Put you in the flat of the great plains, you walk along a straight line under the guidance of instincts and actually look down from the sky, you came out of the way is bent, is tortuous. Entrepreneurship is the same, although the in the mind have a goal, but to achieve that goal, you have to solve a practical problem. The way of step by step is come out, and the road is not straight line.

especially those in China, the environment is really too complicated. Especially in the early stage, you have no experience, no resources, innovation in your mind may be is just a thought, an idea, but if not achieve them, it is nothing. However, in order to realize this idea, the idea, you need to have a judgment, need to have experience, need to have knowledge. So, I have been advocating college students graduate, don’t mind A hot to crank out a company, the best way is to join a startup, can even join the seeds of risk is very big company, to study entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship.

a lot of people say, I’m in the company of others that I don’t become a job? Working for others, who earnestly do ah. Wrong, if you think you are working, then you are working the rest of my life. Others think if you were at work, this is not important. The important thing is that you don’t put yourself as a part-time job, from another Angle to see, is a company to pay you, for you to pay tuition, practice the ability and experience for yourself. You meet the product manager, technology, or the company and people, learn from their successful experience, and even the lessons of failure. If you join the company, the company after two years died, congratulations, you have no losses, a penny you participate in a living example of companies from birth to death, you can avoid repeating them later. You didn’t spend a penny, you make a company’s dead, you learned how to avoid failure lessons, this is what a value. Than how much you take salary, to a famous big company than you, more useful.

others see you, say you work at a big company in Beijing, is really something. It is vanity, no significance. So I’ve been stressed that if you are pregnant with entrepreneurial mindset, then you can be in what state is called entrepreneurship. Until one day, when you have a strong impulse to do company to business, chances are you will find that people strengths, CEO of material, you don’t have to do but you could be good CTO, you may be a good sales manager, you will know that this time to find what kind of partner to start a business.

so, I encourage everyone to start a business, is actually encourage you to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship, I am not advocating you must go out to set up a company, it is just a form. Silicon valley a lot of people not pretending to set up a company first, but in the home of the garage, the use spare time to make a product, it is part of the business.

I don’t want to teach what success, I hope everyone can most want to know in the next few years to want what in my mind. In your business, no matter temptations and challenges, to be able to remember what I said that sentence: refused to leveling agent, is different. You don’t have to follow the mainstream, also can withstand to lonely, want to have a kind of toughness, even dare to often hurt often war, in the next five years or eight years, ten years have been perseverance to explore, I believe that after five years, ten years later, may be a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, innovation of a new generation of Chinese leaders should be born from inside you.