Envy of Google, Intel will play a driverless cars

these two days, the Google driverless cars by hype. Widely for this new transportation tool, given the high expectations. Intel also sit not to live. Recently the chip manufacturing giant, announced that it will launch with independent research and development of the Intel chips in the future and the operating system of driverless cars.

Intel will provide the driverless cars equipped with super CPU, and use the Tizen system. “My yao can choose driverless cars, because we have seen this tradition will happen in the next 6 to 8 years in the field of great changes”. Intel said.

it is understood that Intel will launch “the In – Vehicle Solutions” project, for self-driving car manufacturers, developers, two aspects of hardware and software Solutions. It is worth noting that Intel hope can be in one year, quickly cut into the vehicle operating systems, and reduce the price by 50%.

Intel content networking business vice President Doug Davis said Intel the car’s function and the Google driverless cars. Google and independent production of unmanned car steering wheel, throttle, brakes, but through a series of sensors and two dynamic system, do the safer than driving.

Intel will focus on car chip and the development of the software part, this means that Intel would take to be a partner with manufacturers product strategy. In addition, Intel will also invest heavily and car in the Internet and self-driving car related start-ups.

Intel and uphold the market of Internet of things in the past two years. Networking driverless cars will obviously become one of Intel’s goal. According to the latest Intel reported, its Internet division revenue of $482 million in the first quarter of this year, up 32% year-on-year.