Europe, Google vc funds invested $100 million to set up branches

on July 11, Google’s Google (Google Ventures) vc fund company ready to launch in Europe, using its capital to foster local startups, with their creative thinking to make money.

after Google vc’s centre of gravity has been in silicon valley, its application and investment through private cars take a taxi Uber Nest and intelligent household equipment dealer. Currently, Google ventures are spending $100 million investment fund, carve out a new career in continental Europe.

according to Google’s judgment, Europe will become the home of the future of the world’s large science and technology enterprises. In addition, Google also think London, Berlin and Stockholm city can continue to play the role of science and technology center.

Google enterprise development, senior vice President David? Drummond, David Drummond, said: “think globally, we realize the ecological system of science and technology is becoming bigger and stronger. This is most obvious in Europe. Almost every European country is the capital of start-up companies. Obviously, the great science and technology enterprises in the future will be born from among them.”

Google ventures in Europe branches will have four partners, they are Google “campus” project director Mr Jersey? D (Eze Della Vidra), science and technology industry investors Tom? Hall m (Tom Hulme), the angels Peter? Reed (Peter Read) and fashion and jewelry website co-founder arvid? Larry’s (Avid Larizadeh).

American venture capitalists MG? His (MG Siegler) will be temporarily based in London, as Google headquarters and contacts in a new fund.

the team will report directly to Google ventures, head of the bill? Maris (Bill Maris) report. To invest in Europe size, number and type, the agency is still not clear objectives. Maris said: “if you look at the United States, we has investment in various stages of enterprise development. This has nothing to do with how much we invest in companies, mainly the enterprise to have influence.”

with other start-up companies to invest in Europe compared to institutions, Google vc transfer of the money is not much. In June, the vc institutions Index Ventures announced the launch of a total of 400 million euros of capital projects for Europe to invest at an early stage of development of science and technology enterprises. In 2013, another famous vc institutions Accel Partners in London office announced similar plans, funds reached $475 million. However, Google ventures, said $100 million is just at the beginning of investment scale, its may be supplemented with in the development of the local.

to establish contact with Google has a certain appeal for startups, because it could pave the way for future deals. Earlier this year, Google paid $3.2 billion for the Nest. You know, in 2011, the Nest is Google Ventures investment.

Google vc insists that its investment behavior is not out of the company’s strategic thinking, the revenues earned is the only goal of the venture capital activity. , the agency noted in its investment of some companies also sold to rivals such as Facebook, yahoo.

source: tencent technology