Europe’s venture capital to meet 13-year highs: reasonable business model, focus on segmentation

according to dow Jones Venture Source of data, in the second quarter of 2014, European ushered in the peak period of financing a startup, received vc – 2.1 billion euros ($2.8 billion, since 2001 the European Venture capital industry obtained the highest quarterly total trading.

it is understood that the private financing situation is similar to the United States, the rhythm quite well. According to dow Jones Venture Source data, the United States private Venture financing $13.8 billion over the same. At the same time, the global financial situation improved, stock, bond prices are rising trend.

Accel Partners, a partner at Michiel Kotting, points out that all people are waiting for the investment opportunity now began the investment process. He said that the current vc environment and the dotcom bubble in 2000 is also different, investors will now repeated rounds of chasing, pay more attention to the maturity of the investment project and the actual profit ability, with the emphasis of the 12 years ago, just the opposite.

it can be said that the risk of investors see a business opportunity – on the European market recently, the number of newly listed companies such as France advertising company Criteo Supercell, also in Sweden, Finland game company founded by King Digital Entertainment, valuations are nearly $1 billion.

Index Ventures Neil Rimer is talked about, the current investment boom and the difference of the Internet bubble in 2000, now investors are more rational investment, rather than at the time of the blind pursuit of “the Internet”.” We are currently in the market has been quite mature, many great entrepreneur will makes some innovative technology and business model, to meet the demand of market segments.” (the Index Ventures investment was also active in the European market, total participated in the financing of the 16 projects.)

in the European market, customer service company in the field of venture financing is in the lead of a class, online retailers, such as car sharing, video downloads respectively to grab the main investment share. Russia is currently the largest online retailers Ozon Group completed in April’s $150 million in financing, the second is that the British Kobalt Music Group ltd. in June raised nearly $113 million in financing.

with Britain in the financing activities are the most active market. British firms in the second quarter have been accounted for Europe as a whole raised 28%, the second of France, Germany accounted for 19% and 19% respectively.

it can be said that the investment of people interested in, also let financing for a more intense, financing also gradually higher quotation. The number of financing in the second quarter fell 6% year on year to 365 units. The median and financing scale from last year’s $2 million up to $2.9 million. Octopus Investments, director of Frederic Lardieg is talked about, now the company raised more easy. Ozon, chief executive of Maelle Gavet said, discuss the related project in 2013, felt the investment intention of vc staff clearly. “On the whole, can feel, vc firms there are a plenty of money, but get the investment opportunity is not much, after all, the VCS are waiting for a chance to good enough”.

Ozon obviously the online retail in the eyes of the VCS is a good investment projects, so even in Ukraine unrest, under the background of the ruble exchange rate instability, the online retailer from Russia or raised $1.5 million, to increase the storage, optimization of distribution system, stock option, and related technologies.