Even worse! Ford is asking for the staff to give up the blackberry to the iPhone

Sara Tatchio ford spokeswoman said at the meeting yesterday, at the end of this year, America’s second-biggest carmaker will configure the iPhone for the 3300 employees rather than the blackberry. More than 6000 employees to use iPhone in the next two years rather than flip phone. Company’s online recruitment information, ford is looking for mobile technology analyst, main job is to promote the “ford employees worldwide use iPhone” process of this activity.

apple is looking for a broader market smartphones and tablet users. After apple announced it would cooperate with IBM, to build the iPhone and the commercial software. IPhone and it help the company to absorb more and more migrant Labour, and defeated the old rival blackberry with 30 years experience. It also helps to catch up with IBM, including apple technology giants to the success of mobile computing field.

“we would like to make everyone use iPhone,” ford spokesman said, “it can safely apply to companies and private two USES, so it meet the needs of all ford employees.”

in addition, ford also said that employees unified mobile phones can improve security and simplify the information technology management. Ford plans to in addition to the cost of the replacement iPhone equipment, “no extra investment”.

with 181000 ford employees to the iPhone, was quite a blow to the blackberry and its CEO John Chen, they in the smartphone sales slump, had planned to use the software equipment for the company.

“however we are not to comment on the blackberry, we understand the market has a variety of choice,” a spokesman for the blackberry Adam Emery in an email statement: “enterprises to rely on consumer technology scheme should think twice, because it lacks the blackberry has always valued the safety benefits.”

IDC may predict that apple iPhone can account for 15% of the smartphone market share this year, and 1% less than the blackberry.

“ford abandoned blackberry” and “ford choose blackberry QNX to a new generation of automotive Sync technology system” two messages, a stark contrast. Sources in February this year, according to Dearborn region of Michigan automakers choose QNX instead of Microsoft’s onboard the underlying system.

as of the time, ford shares fell 0.4%, to $17.57. Blackberry’s share price fell 4.4%, to $9.51, apple shares fell 0.6%, to $98.38.