“Exclusive” lei jun to break his word? The research and development of millet on-board systems

investors to hunt cloud network, although lei jun repeatedly to the outside world the millet will not do the electric car release news, but the millet and a domestic well-known electric car manufacturers joint research and development car system. This means that the millet has actually been in the field of electric vehicles with the initial layout.

on the eve of the millet product launch, millet continue past the mystery of the marketing, do not disclose the specific content of millet conference, this raises the industry will be released on millet or something. In order to “calm” speculation, lei jun in his personal weibo said publicly:

millet focus on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) and intelligent home appliances (TV, box and router), the products, let more people can afford! At present, the new fields such as electric cars and real estate.

lei jun is not the first time the “rumours” stories about the electric cars, in April, lei jun had said “millet have no current plans for the electric car, we will continue to focus on the core business such as smart phones.”

millet really won’t do the electric car?

last night, there are people from the investment community to hunt cloud network, millet and some well-known electric car manufacturers (hunting cloud network editor jun speculation suspected byd) was joint r&d vehicle system. This personage to hunt cloud network, said as millet mobile phone before you do beautiful MIUI, millet electric vehicle strategy is likely to be completely copy the millet mobile phone path of success.

with a lei jun and electric vehicle and its, for electric vehicles

in February, when lei jun joined said publicly that the tesla electric car experience is very good, hope to be able to promote the electric car without license plate on a lottery (visible lei jun is very attentively) for electric vehicles. Lei jun said tesla has just released the mainland price when he booked two cars, lei jun after experienced the electric car was full of praise for tesla “overall tesla brought a different driving experience, it is the combination of the Internet thinking and cars”.

lei jun says, tesla currently have done, other Internet companies will also be able to do it, you just don’t want to do that. This is not the first time that lei jun publicly for tesla thumb up. After lei jun is described in detail on the personal blog again he greets the process of musk, full of praise for tesla.

in addition, the personage inside course of study in communicating and hunting cloud network editor jun said, on-board system is the strategic point in the future. At present, around the world, well-known large companies in the field of the layout, apple released CarPlay on-board system, Google released Android Auto vehicle system, even the Linux in recently launched a customizable on-board system platform Automotive Grade Linux.

“in the future, vehicle-mounted system will be able to connect all intelligent devices, become the real core of the bottom of society, automobile life have the on-board system will have more say in the future.”

prior to this, lei jun also once won’t do the low-end machine “rumours” millet, millet still introduced a red rice mobile phone, this case proves that millet actual action and lei jun said there is no consistent correlation, lei jun’s statement is likely to be in some sort of purpose.