“Exclusive” sister? Complete the $20 million C round of financing

on May 20, hunting cloud network news

hunting cloud network from sole, according to people familiar with the place women application sister? C round of financing has been completed, the financing of $20 million. Hunting a cloud network contact sister CEO wood, the latter said no comment.

in April 2013, A sister get bertelsmann and challenging millions of dollars to A round of investment funds, etc. In September 2013, the company confirmed for thousands of millions of dollars in B round led by sequoia capital financing, bertelsmann, continue to throw A round of investment institutions. In addition, “sister?” again Mr. CAI millions of investment.

to hunting, people familiar with the cloud network, said the use of this round of financing, a great value will continue to dig platform.

great application is a what? Why can obtain high valuations, classic global business magazine recently published interview about a sister: “sister?” behind the large database, is much more great business opportunities. On a great business model, cloud network hunting needless, published the full text is as follows:

as of November 2013, a born less than two years – a great APP, has created the downloaded over hundred million people, more than 28 million registered users, daily active users up to 2.5 million people. “

sister? “, the founder of the friend dubs “the most understand a great man”. Yes, that’s right, was a man, and he’s a just 28 years old young man, he is the nickname of “great dad” wood.

at the beginning of the creation, “sister” is a user can record on their menstrual cycles and sex, signs and other information, the application will be according to the different physiological stages of user push the related knowledge of maintenance of “tool”; To include health, pregnancy, beauty, gossip, emotional content such as “community”; But now the wood may be more willing to locate it to provide a “platform” of the health services and products.

the most intimate service

on November 27, 2013, “sister” in Beijing issued the “2013 female physiology health white paper” (hereinafter referred to as “white paper”), this is the most comprehensive China’s first female physiology is periodic report, is also under the background of big data, the first domestic mobile client data based on the sample analysis of women’s health management research field.

in the beginning, perhaps even the wood can be had a girl every month granted “bleeding” events, will be a big data under the great business opportunities.

“sister” is the wood can be returned after the third start-ups, vertical community health class before friends “lohas” and massage class quiz application, “according to where” have failed.

remember that year, he has led his team for over ten hours a day, forget all about eating and sleeping is often the case. And the result is fail to improve work efficiency not only, but counterproductive.

wood can insight, to reverse the chaotic situation, first of all to start from the change itself. First, he asks his return to normal life, pay attention to rest, diet and exercise, go out for a walk every day, chat with the people in the street, gradually, the wood can be impetuous heart began to calm down.

when one begins to understand life, will naturally get inspired his life. Because of his girlfriend, wood can be lucky enough to know the girl menstruation of some common sense. Suddenly, he in a flash, every girl a month to a menstruation, menstrual health common sense is every girl just need, why not do a special service for women’s menstrual APP? Therefore, “sister?” was born.

“to provide users with the most thoughtful service, you must become the most understand sister it.” Hence wood can be put forward, “a great slogan is” we are the most understand sister? “, while he himself was regarded as the most understand “sister?” “great dad”.

he read many books about a sister, try wearing a sanitary napkin for 5 days, even just to feel the girl to every detail of “sister”. “Sister?” he asked the employees spend about 20% of the time to learn about a great “dry”, went to the hospital to hang a number of department of gynaecology, menstrual problems and then talk to the doctor.

the reason for this is simple, wood can be said: “our hope is that the content on the App is not copied from the Internet and copy to.”

there was a woman some users to “great”, she can’t is easy to understand the physiological health knowledge. “Sister” rapid feedback, successively launched nearly half of the entire company manpower to check information, consulting professionals, statistical summary a final answer reply to the sisters.

get the reply later, the girl was surprised, but she just try holding the attitude to “sister” to ask questions, didn’t expect to get the detailed answers.

“the perfection of the service is not only to perfect, the most important thing is to exceed expectations.” Wood is to say, to find business opportunities in the value-added services, “sister” is the direction of the future.

“platform” operation

“we currently have one hundred million users’ information records. With huge amounts of data and designed for the Chinese constitution features optimized analysis program, we can easily find someone never know about the rule of women’s physical health, is more advantageous to us according to different users, timely and thoughtful, and personalized service is put forward, and these are the other competitors.” Wood can be smiling, some quite proudly said.

“sister” behind the large database, is much more great business opportunities. Wood can be said: “from a tool to community platform, actually our team have long thought of this step.” In March 2013, “sister” is tentatively in user feedback area joined a simple version of the interactive plate, just after 1 month, they were surprised to find that tools that part of the function words, their user activity doubled, and function of community activity also unprecedented increase, “sister?” the application of active whole tripled.

listen to the user voice always more important than closed type of data analysis. “Sister” did a questionnaire survey, the survey of 30000 users, 29000 users want in the “community” of “sister” identity a secret. Therefore, “sister?” allows the user to use a nickname and password anonymous login, so that they can in the BBS is the secret of the menstrual period, pregnancy to speak up.

at the same time, the wood can also noticed a very important problem, that is how to improve the adhesion of the user. Today, a lot of similar products on the market, how to retain users is a problem that must face and a long way. At the end of April, “sister” in the BBS open again including women’s health, beauty, constellation and so on many issues.

after more than six months after the operation of a great day live users more than 10%, on live users more than 50%. And wood told reporters, in contrast, with early adopters erosion now “sister?” the user has completed from the “user” to the “fans” qualitative change. Can say, from tools to the community, “sister” has perfectly realized the ice-breaking trip.

today, firewood, can say the company’s future will be “platform”, the diversification of related products and services, provide and women around the middle of next year is expected to meet with you.

it is understood that the company before the main commercial forms include hard wide cooperation, wide soft implants and App promotion; Another way is hard and all kinds of women in the media, the application range and traffic exchange cooperation. Wood can be said, the future profit model is not advertising, but from a variety of value-added services, such as, cooperate with network of gold elephant, provide expert advice and related products to buy.

in addition, in September 2013, a great and intelligent digital health company PICOOC cooperation, jointly launched a called “Latin” intelligent scales, body weight, body moisture can be a key to users, such as bone weight data uploaded to the APP. Latin is understood to be the current research and development has been basically completed, is expected in 2014 can buy, the price wasn’t sure.

for limitations, “sister” wood can also respond to a great brand will not hinder the development of the future company, the company has bought more fun of domain name, brand matrix form in the future.

it is based on the health industry, in April 2013, bertelsmann and challenging funds such as hundreds of millions of dollars after A round of investment, in September 2013, the company confirmed for thousands of millions of dollars in B round led by sequoia capital financing, bertelsmann, continue to throw A round of investment institutions. In addition, “sister?” again Mr. CAI millions of investment.

wood told reporters, Mr. CAI investment can be an additional investment, mainly for the sake of strategic cooperation on both sides. For Mr. CAI, “sister” and “beauty picture show” is a complementary products, at present, the “great” products have been built into the beauty of the picture show in the mobile phone MeituKiss.

in addition to MeituKiss, “sister” with “millet” the cooperation, in the near future, will see “sister” on millet mobile phone more products… In wood’s words, “sister” is not just an APP.