Explanation ali partners: they are what position

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on June 16, alibaba, submit to the securities and exchange commission the prospectus update file, and submit a prospectus for the first time when the disclosure is different, the ali partners by 28 people reduced to 27 people. In other words, only 27 ali people were selected, and then form the core to the top of the company “power pyramid”.

why are they? Many people will be curious, this some what kind of person? Tens of thousands of employees from ali can come to the fore? Below I will to deconstruct the 27 ali partners:

Cheng Li: flower lu su, 39, Capricorn, job number 3896. Under small micro gold dress group – sharing platform enterprise group – technology platform, the competent for another good partner well. Its current chief architect pay treasure. What is the architect? Do architecture like laying the foundations to build house, Cheng Li is the laying the foundations for alipay website and system.

in February 2004, an accidental opportunity, Cheng Li come into contact with alibaba, when he was in Shanghai jiaotong university PhD, outsourcing the identity of the architect to help pay treasure to the construction of the website. Several times cooperation, cheng immediately abandon doctorate, in February 2005, he formally joined the alipay. Its rigorous practical, logical, by pay treasure to employees as the existence of “god”.

the partnership reason: one of the core staff pay treasure.

kardashian: flower Su Quan, ali employees, 37, she is more a familiar name is MM, employees and colleagues are happy to so called. The cancer of hainan people, graduated from hangzhou university of electronic science and technology. The beginning is to follow ma, ali let her have the honor to become one of the 18 arhats ali. Job number 11. Since its inception alibaba group, in charge of sales, marketing and management in human resources, the alibaba group chief customer service officer, co-ordinates the work of ali group’s customer service. Its head is Mr. Lu, belongs to the executive committee of the management. Kardashian had a daughter, it often take my daughter to attend ali internal activities, known as the “good mother”.

partnership reason: alibaba elders, customer service department director.

the road is the fan: flower muqali, 41, shandong liaocheng. 2007 to join alibaba, job number 10766. Now with tiny micro gold suit a subjective group of domestic enterprise group, are under the leadership of Peng Lei directly. “Muqali” is Mongolian lei, founding hero, and the most courted, bo ‘orchu was temujin hailed as “the children of judah have shafts of the car, the body of the arm.” With many intellectual, male yong is famous for its effective composed, this road is the Pisces fan with rather similar. In addition, the staff of the small micro gold of the evaluation is on the business, vice President of fever, have a true temperament!

the partnership reason: ali small micro financial services group, one of the main business.

xiao-ming hu: flower sun quan, 44. 2005 in small micro gold service group, work number 3782. Now as ali small micro gold chief risk officer. Capricorn xiao-ming hu as well as on the road is the fan, the competent are Peng Lei. Before joining of ali he served in China construction bank and China everbright bank and other financial institutions. According to relevant personage, xiao-ming hu was once a little ali, head of the original loan, leading to launch alipay overdrafts, but because of the project on the vine due to its I have make a promise, “project fails, he departed from ali small loans”. A Noel into ji, in April this year, the original ali small loan is responsible for data service LouJianXun take over xiao-ming hu, who was promoted to his post.

it is said that the partner is also a big handsome boy, have ideal and there is no lack of pragmatic spirit, “sun quan can speak understand truth”, a ali’s staff told me.

the partnership reason: ali group rare financial talent.

Jiang Fang: work number 13, like Peng Lei, blackened with 18 rohan, a former assistant general manager of the alibaba, is now in charge of the integrity department. The 40-year-old belongs Peng Lei alibaba group vice President, because of its kind, inside the ali, known as “sister”. Insiders have ali said: Jiang Fang guardians is ali values firmly, when ali B2B “fraud” and is a bargain, event is leading the investigation.

partnership reason: ali patriarch, integrity department supervisor.

Jiang Peng: flower sanfeng, graduated from tsinghua university. In January 2000 to join the alibaba group, in May 2003, to join our taobao group, research and development, taobao, and from 2005 to 2009, taobao, head of technology research and development leading the technical team. Since then, at one point, Jiang Peng as taobao CEO and later taobao group, head of the business. Is mature and stable low-key, the current management executive committee, shandong people belonging to ali supervisor is Mr. Lu. “Be could self” is this Jiang Peng weibo signature, Leo seems quite consistent with his personality.

partnership reason: ali older employees, one of the founders of taobao.

well in xian building: flower wang anshi, work number: 8430, competent Peng Lei. The current position is small micro gold group chief financial officer. Before joining alibaba, well in xian building in guangzhou during 2004 to 2006, Pepsi CFO. Allegedly, the 7 years in ali Sagittarius men, starbucks is a powder, can cry, is also a devoted family man love wine. “Professional, rigorous informal”, it is well exposed to xian on his evaluation.

the partnership reason: ali small micro gold group financial controller.

him: Sagittarius, alibaba group, senior vice President, ali department. Is at a long holiday, ali new employees know less about it. Is the reporter, is one of the alibaba website of entrepreneurial employees, responsible for the alibaba group, the early public relations, government affairs, market activity.

partnership reason: one of the founders of alibaba.

Liu Zhenfei: Sagittarius, job number 6306. 2006 in ali, a former taobao technology security director, is responsible for the AD system management of the technical team. Before this in the Microsoft China in Office software. Liu Zhenfei incumbent vice President of alibaba group, affiliated technology security, competent for Jiang Peng. It is said that the partners from lushan county of pingdingshan city, henan province, a fan of three body, quite gentle temperament.

the partnership reason: alibaba technology talents.

Mr. Lu: flower temujin, job number, 129, from guangdong, the alibaba group chief executive.

as the media is widely spread, Mr. Lu from waiter step by step to do alibaba CEO of legend, it has also been interpreted as jack ma and his xinxin pity, and the main cause of select as his successor. But, in fact, graduated from the guangzhou university hotel management professional, a senior executive in ali Ren Huana district chief, company President, President of taobao, alibaba B2B ceos of listed companies, business foundation and rich management experience. I spoke too much ali staff, said this person looks cold and hot inside, its main characteristic is true temperament and executive force is strong.

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief executive.

jack ma: flower the breeze pure Yang. Executive chairman, 49, ali group. Working status of 1 ma in ali’s status since don’t have to say more. As everyone is more concerned about the commercial genius was born on September 10, will bring to where, ali, or he will use what way to change China’s commercial form. In my long-term contact with ali employees know, in fact, there are quite a number of people because of Ma Yuncai in alibaba.

the partnership reason: there is no doubt the number one

Peng Lei: ali people call it “Lucy”. Alibaba group chief talent officer, of small micro gold group chief executive. Virgo, working for 7, was praised as a “family friendly” employees, personality forthright and sincere, intelligent domineering. Reportedly memory super good and pattern is rather large. Peng Lei is, of course, life micro gold suit or Ma Yunqin group manager.

the partnership reason: small micro gold group chief executive.

Peng Yijie: flower wing jaguar, work number 152, small micro gold dress group, vice President. Peng Yijie is 27, 35, a partner in the youngest. Now responsible for the small micro gold serve international division. Although the youngest, but the issue is said to have aura, also has international fei, director also Peng Lei.

the partnership reason: small micro gold, head of the international division.

shao xiaofeng: flower guo jing, job number 3239, Aries. Current alibaba group secretary, chief risk officer. In fact, shao xiaofeng, a former hangzhou city public security bureau criminal reconnaissance team captains a brigade. Joined group network security director, ali, as in 2008 after serving as chief executive of the alipay. Interestingly, Mr Ma, basic can see the figure of shao xiaofeng. There is reason to believe that this person is also responsible for Mr. Ma’s personal security. The judge if it is true, shao xiaofeng is ma very trust. In addition, shao xiaofeng addiction is quite big, “tenderness” chivalrous frame of mind, ali man as him.

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief risk officer.

Timothy A.S TEINERT: Chinese Shi Yide, Aquarius, aged 54, the alibaba group’s general counsel. Prior to joining alibaba, Shi Yide in Freshfields (been Bruckhaus Deringer) as a senior partner.

jack ma also said publicly: “Mr Shi Yide is one of the most energetic and has rich experience of professionals, we welcome him to join alibaba. With alibaba group is committed to the development of international e-commerce companies to service global customers, I am convinced that he will play an important role within the group.”

in fact, Shi Yide in mainland China, Hong Kong and New York has 17 years experience in legal affairs. Be rich in Hong Kong since 1999 and a partner in a law firm, mainly responsible for the Chinese companies listed abroad and cross-border mergers and acquisitions of legal affairs. Talented students who graduated from Yale university, with the United States of New York and Hong Kong law license, his place of work in Hong Kong, the competent for Mr. Tsai.


partnership’s general counsel, alibaba group, responsible for ali justice, international justice.

TongWenGong: job number 116, Scorpio. TongWenGong into the alibaba in 2000 the first position is the company’s front desk, step by step do alibaba senior, senior vice President, is now as a novice, chief operating officer, alibaba, senior vice President, compared with the other partners, most tranche TongWenGong colour. Ali staff to its evaluation: “powerful aura, very real”.


partnership rookie, head of the network.

Mr. Tsai: work number 9, Capricorn. The current executive vice chairman of the board, ali, the group is responsible for strategic investment.

Mr. Tsai, holds a bachelor and Yale law school at Yale university, economic law doctorate, has a strong legal and financial background. He joined in 1999, ali hosted founded alibaba headquarters located in Hong Kong, in charge of international marketing, business development and corporate finance operations. Mr. Tsai pragmatic low-key, and jack ma, a fire monohydrate form a perfect partner. Be praised, when he threw millions of annual salary to join in the uncertain future of ali, betting on ma.

the partnership reason: Mr. Ma’s best partner.

jian wang, said, “Dr” job number: 18929, the chief technology officer of alibaba group. Before joining alibaba ren, the executive vice President of Microsoft research Asia in the early years of the psychology department of zhejiang university, professor, doctoral supervisor, director and national laboratory of zhejiang university industrial psychology. Ali for his evaluation is: “understanding of vision has firmly, but it is also a CTO is controversial.”

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief technology officer.

wang shuai: job number 1815, yantai, shandong province, the alibaba group chief marketing officer. Media reports, wang shuai is the soul of the pr, ali ali in recent years great pr business ability is led by with ma, the training. Interesting is its like jack ma is virgo, at present had twin daughters. Wang shuai personal micro-blog @ horsetigerbaba content very naughty.

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief marketing officer.

Wu Minzhi: job number 210, Scorpio, hangzhou people. Current Wu Minzhi ali, President of international business is responsible for the overall development of alibaba global e-commerce platform. She graduated from zhejiang university institute of foreign trade and economic cooperation of the international trade professional, and obtain the China Europe international business school’s senior management mba (EMBA) degree. Currently director of zhang yong, colleague of its sharp have intellectual beauty. According to people close to her, the executive hospitality, and fry.

maggie wu: 45 years old. 2007 in ali, now served as chief financial officer. Before joining ali, maggie wu for KPMG huazhen, certified public accountants audit partner of Beijing branch. April 10 news this year, alibaba group announced the new CFO and CPO candidate, former CFO Mr. Tsai, will become the group executive vice President of the board, is responsible for the strategic investment, the chief financial officer (CFO) position will be replaced by maggie wu.

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief financial officer.

吴咏铭 : flower east evil and said “oh mom,” hangzhou people. Graduated from computer science department of zhejiang university of technology in 1996, joined the Chinese yellow pages. Do 1997, Eddie wu ma xi moftec website at that time, a person responsible for web technology development. Founded in 1999, 吴咏铭 followed Mr. Ma back to hangzhou alibaba, once any new net President. Alibaba 18 arhats, it accounts for a seat. At present, 39, Eddie wu as alibaba group, senior vice President, but has been for long holiday.

partnership reason: alibaba elders.

YuSiYing: job number 131, Timothy, who is in charge of mentioned above is A.S TEINERT. The incumbent vice President of alibaba group, responsible for ali justice China legal affairs of company. YuSiYing is a female lion.

the partnership reason: vice President of alibaba group, the Chinese legal person in charge.

Ming zeng: ali’s chief of staff, chief strategy officer. In August 2006, Ming zeng into ali staff, senior vice President. As Chinese yahoo DaiZongCai in November. Before this teaching Yangtze business school and INSEAD. It won a doctorate in the United States Illinois university of international business and strategy, in the field of strategy research has done. Inside the ali also is highly respected.

the partnership reason: alibaba group chief strategy officer.

Gavin zhang: flower top line, work number 2308. Now the vice President of alibaba group.

in March of this year, ali officially responsible for Tmall and bargain Zhang Jianfeng become taobao, taobao’s vice President. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull