Eyeing the second-hand children’s clothing market, Percentil find piece of $150 billion worth of big cake

if you have a child (or like hunting cloud network editor jun is three nephews spoiled aunt and aunt), you can realize this group of lovable rascal grow how fast. Really soon! Then you will find that, with the unstoppable growth speed was a pile of clothes fit anymore, and your wallet in a “bottomless pit”.

apparently, “handed down from generation to generation” way of dressing can provide a solution, but it means that more children need to be “tailored”. A better solution should be like this: parents can online on the market sell second-hand baby clothes fit, or from the other end of the network to find cheap clothes for her baby.

start-up Percenti from Spain for the overwhelming majority of parents provides such a platform. The company has just finished A round of funding and financing successfully 1 million euros, in order to expand its online children’s clothing “outlets” in Europe – its operational headquarters is located in the scope of business to Spain, and the round of funding has made its business scope expanded to Germany and France. The financing by the European Venture capital institutions Active Venture Partners, led, and the company had accepted Cabiedes&amp in seed; Investment Partners, as well as the 2013 accept other institutions of vc investment totaled more than 1 million euros.

at the same time, the company headquarters in Madrid are planning to use the extra funds into another direction – “old love”, i.e. secondhand couture.

Percentil existing mission is to help families with children in the buying and selling second-hand baby clothes cost saving at the same time, as well as with the specific goal of high quality clothing. To achieve this goal, Percentil first from some family bought “practically new” children’s clothing, and put up their own online stores to sell, and then will return part of the sales price as a reward to the original owner of the family.

but the marketing mode of the most important point is that might be right logistics. So the goods delivery, the quality monitoring of heavy and complicated, and to ensure the whole process of trading, buyers and sellers need to company do not make any mistakes as much as possible.

“we operate in the whole process to solve the main problems of off, is provides the high quality for the parents of children’s clothes at the same time gives great benefit,” Percentil co-founder and CEO Luis Ongil told TC. “At the same time, we can allow parents to use baby wardrobe that only through one or two clothes easily earn money; Children grow fast but some clothes to wear, so we provide a export for these huge inventories, buy the clothes at the reasonable price level and then with the help of our online store sells all over Europe.”

this marketing model is the existence of great market opportunity. Percentil calculated that parents in every child can spend an average of 500 euro – almost looks like quite reasonable ha, however, the data in the global market is equivalent to 110 billion euros. Although this is in the process of company operating in three European countries statistical data.

Percentil rivals, including inaugurator ThredUP Percentil mode, from the United States also has a business area from children’s clothing to women’s clothing to cater to female consumers.

in Europe, there are similar to Vintykids.com, Kirondo. DE (Germany) and Patatam fr (France) such local competitors. But Vintykids.com, unlike Percentil, each sold clothes only accept cash.

business model of Percentil Ongil said: “we bought clothes from some families and processed, then put on the website. ‘sales price is determined according to the cost of purchase price, to be able to make clothes in the shop the new price based on big efforts to sell at a discount, at the same time allow us to make profits.”

Percentil claimed that since the date of company built in 2012, has received more than 40000 from 15000 customers orders, and these parents also have by selling ninety percent new clothes profit total of 500000 euros.