Facebook also should make smart glasses the Google glasses

BI have reported on July 28,

Facebook has made it clear that it is no longer limited to do a social network. It has in many areas in a competition: against Google search, emerging technology markets, as well as the desktop computer era of computing devices.

now, Facebook $2 billion acquisition of Oculus trading company has been completed, it is ready to challenge in the field of new Google – it wants to build a killer Google glasses.

Google glasses to prevent users from indulging in a mobile device or computer screen. This draw attention to the technology of computer equipment, but Google hope in the future the smart glasses can spread like a smartphone.

Facebook is the first step in this direction is introduced virtual reality video game equipment. However, video games and is not the ultimate goal of Facebook give Oculus. Now, thanks to a $2 billion transaction has been completed for delivery, Facebook is another hardware partners hand in hand, ready to virtual reality and face the computer outside to console platforms.

Facebook and samsung cooperation

Facebook is ready to cooperate with samsung, development can make use of mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet to implement virtual reality head-mounted device. At present, the Oculus hardware is cooperate with computer and console running – you wear smart glasses, play the game on your computer or video games, you’ll gain immersive feel.

in samsung Oculus software running on a mobile device, can make a virtual reality to obtain a bigger development, so as to surpass the $350 Oculus Rift head-mounted display limitations.

cooperate with Facebook for samsung also is of great significance. The south Korean technology companies are gradually give up Google’s Android operating system, such as it is in its new Gear 2 smart watches and the company is trying to lead in the development of other wearable devices to abandon the Android.

samsung industry blog SamMobile leak early screenshots show, samsung’s new Gear VR mobile software running in a suspected samsung VR head-mounted device. If this screenshot information accurately, it could herald a samsung Oculus hardware will cooperate with Facebook.

head-mounted device used with smartphone idea is not new. In fact, at the Google I/O conference earlier this year, Google has mocked virtual reality head-mounted device: it gave participants a Google virtual reality carton Cardboard. Users can DIY to cartons, and use the smartphone and built-in a pair of glasses, virtual reality experiences.

take a long-term view

Facebook and Google are above hollowing out of sight. They bet on the future of science and technology, but now there is no result. They are doing anything is they expected in the next five to ten years will be popular. Virtual reality and computer face is clearly that they will lead the future trend of new technology.

unmanned aircraft, virtual reality and robots are slick project – they are not only our future the Internet will be used to support and consumption.

the competition between the two companies in warming significantly. Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus company, were we considered a show, but now it seems it is, in fact, Facebook in paving the way for the future, the future is to develop intelligent face equipment in the fight against Google glasses. (happy)