Facebook in China? Just to set up a sales office in Beijing

a bloomberg said, citing sources Facebook (Facebook, Facebook) will be in Beijing chaoyang district wealth financial centre, set up sales offices. Report points out, although the Facebook in China is still in a pending state, but China’s online advertising market overseas stirring, is one of the main reasons why Facebook to set up offices.

although since 2009, Facebook was kicked out of the mainland China, but many Chinese companies and developers to use the Facebook platform for global marketing. In fact, Facebook has been didn’t give up the Chinese market, to this point and more helpless Google is in stark contrast. After they were out of the mainland, Facebook set up branches in Hong Kong, China, to help mainland Chinese companies use Facebook for international brand promotion.

last week to attend the Beijing GMIC meeting when Facebook executives Vaughan Smith pointed out: “Facebook help China import and export companies have been expanding overseas customer base, at the same time, Facebook’s market is developing rapidly in China. Facebook has 1.3 billion users, currently on the basis of the users, marketers in China through the Facebook platform has reached a fairly good promotion effect.”

official Facebook seems to have confirmed the news, Facebook said in an E-mail: “Facebook’s Hong Kong office for overseas expansion of Chinese mainland firms provide effective help. We will try to more diversified way, in order to better provide service for mainland customers. Facebook is considering to set up sales offices in mainland I’m sorry too.” However, Facebook declined to provide specific details and dates.

prior to that, about the Facebook into China, has received widespread media coverage. Last year, Facebook COO sundberg high-level contacts with China, is said to be in China to discuss the Facebook in China fall to the ground. Although the government function on Facebook gave high evaluation, but in China seems to be fruitless.

it is worth mentioning that a bloomberg article argues that because of China’s Internet “semi-closed state, to a certain extent, to protect the local Internet companies from the impact of the international competition. If so, what if one day, Facebook and Twitter, and they are attached to a series of service, WhatsApp, Intagram, Vine) landing in China, then the sina weibo and renren?