Facebook’s massive global outage lasted about 40 minutes

Beijing time June 19th evening news, social networking site Facebook today appear large-scale outages, about 40 minutes, users are affected by many countries around the world.

the current traffic on Facebook users up to 1.28 billion, but today visit Facebook website, users see this hint: I’m sorry, out of a problem, we are trying to repair, to recover as soon as possible.

and a Facebook spokesman said: “on Thursday morning, our website malfunctioned, causing the user cannot access within short time. But we soon fixes the problem, so on to the user we apologize for the inconvenience.”

it is understood that the outage affected areas include India, the United States, Israel, the Philippines, Mongolia, Switzerland, Germany, Bangladesh, the united Arab emirates (uae) and Norway. In addition to Facebook, use Facebook social plugins in the same period cannot be used.

Alexa data show that Facebook is the world’s second largest one of the most popular website, only came after Google.


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