Famatic, let grandpa and grandma can play social electronic photo frame

now, social media has been integrated into people’s lives, Facebook, sets a photo sharing is recorded on the little drops of life. Familiar with the Internet generation is natural, not a grandparents generation of elderly people are not so used to. Founder Thijs Suijten experience suggests that this – his mother-in-law don’t play with social media, and thus missed his all family photo posted online. Suijten tried to pull his mother-in-law to play Facebook, taught her to play the device, use Dropbox synchronization share and so on, but with so much, she still felt trouble, just want a simple point to see relatives of the photo. Obviously, this is not the kind of tall intelligent tablet on the matched demand. At this point, Famatic original idea also arises at the historic moment.

the Dutch start-up Famatic launched a software and hardware combined with intelligent family photo frame, designed to let people don’t play social platform (especially the older generation of home) won’t miss bask in all kinds of pictures for family and friends. Famatic grab the content of the intelligent family photo frame function main is concise and easy to use, in addition to “job function” network frame, still can down from the scaffold as a tablet with – Famatic intelligent frame carrying the depth of custom Android, the overall design, keep it simple.

Suijten said Famatic will be very easy to use, without any complicated Settings. Users can set up website to remotely Famatic picture frames, invite other friends and relatives binding Facebook, sets a account, which will share to Famatic frame users upload photos automatically.
Famatic flagship concise wind, commenting on the module also carry out the idea of comments – display of preset button “fun (fun),” good sweet (sweet) “, “congratulations, congratulation” simple, users can leave comments. Famatic is undoubtedly will comment in more open to diverse social platform way did lightweight processing, but as a aimed at unicom generations of products, some of these presets comments clearly enough “heart”.


it is understood that the future will also increase many video, and other functions, to enhance their function of unicom, Suijten said Famatic recently will increase the function of camera and microphone, also consider joining other small features in the future.
For Famatic such a product, perhaps someone will question it markets, as well as the product of “survival time” – after all, this product for not love social networking, not adapt to the electronic age, the older when children grew up with all kinds of intelligent device also became the old man’s house, then Famatic is probably no place?

this Suijten responded, Famatic do not very “evergreen” products, till the end of May 15, 20 years, but over the next 10 years, with the improvement of the health care, social structure will keep aging population, in order to let the elders can keep close contact with relatives and friends, Famatic will also continue to improve, strive for to come in handy.

now Famatic in the raise of Kickstarter project is ongoing, plans to raise $75000. (early Famatic picture frames the raising price of $189.)

Via: TechCrunch