Fast taxi super d competition: to take a taxi from software to urban travel platform


article/Xie Pu

business competition, no more than two kinds, dimension reduction and super d. Less bloody price compete to see who make mistakes, who live longer, is the dimension reduction. Jump out of the net, the technology upgrade or transfer battlefield, is a super dimension.

dimension reduction competition is a common, such as electricity price, just see who can control the cost more, who is more longer. Again, for example, last year began to take a taxi software, and pay the company subsidy wars, behind the scenes that are left to the logic of the king.

super competition, also often see actually. Every technology upgrading, so, beat nokia, not MOTOROLA, apple, android. Layout, such as when the company is in the investment way WeChat electricity, ali is procuring layout the rookie, day by day, citic in the 21st century, the hang seng electronic… Ma said that the future is DT (video). WeChat social or a city pool, ali’s DT layout is open three four.

this super race, there are a few recent cases. Meituan and public review, for example, Meituan do cat eye film, and Meituan WiFi project, as for the public comments on is do take-away, acquisition of hungry? They are trying to develop new markets, in the field of new, completely beyond rivals.

again, for example, take a taxi software fast taxi recently launched a new project – “the number one car”. Actually “number one car”, as well as easy to use, is a high-end business car service. The future, the number one car with fast taxi will continue to maintain independent operation.

“number one car” provided by the business car business, is not a new business form, however, it’s launch of fast taking a taxi is very important – which means, fast taxi has become the only a taxi, and provide business car city travel platform at the same time, it’s in business layout will be far off the business single competitors.

we may wish to review the software by the competitive landscape, investment in 2013, due to the ali, tencent fast taxi, drops a taxi, strong pattern from the spring and autumn period and the supremacy evolved into two disputes. Because of taking a taxi scene, is a high frequency of offline payment is very important application scenario, then later pay has occupied the load of a taxi, money tenpay joint drops a taxi subsidies user price war.

the subsidies user dimension reduction competition has been suspended. Fast taxi and drops also through subsidies, completely marginalized the other participants. At the moment the two companies also in thinking about the how to further broken, while the data shows that fast taxi have occupied 60% market share, but it is not absolute advantage, is now less than moment of celebration.

have to say, quick take a taxi and drops the race, drops a taxi resources advantage is more obvious, in addition to the micro pay the entrance to the letter, they are more in micro letter group of qualification and circle of friends promotion marketing, pay treasure to give quick entry resources compared with micro letter to pay the taxi entry JiangZiRan don’t need to say more, however, micro letter group of marketing value and circle of friends is to be reckoned with.

micro letter group of marketing resources and circle of friends, drops is neglected, even subsidies to the user after the war, the price of it also borrowed from the “red envelope” letter, launched “drops”, in a variety of micro letter group and circle of friends crazy team. In the short term, micro letter marketing resources, more or less help drops a taxi, however, things always have its two sides, the so-called blessing. Enterprise’s prosperity, die, sometimes well-resourced instead let companies didn’t have hungry feeling. Competition, are mostly determined winning, filmed the overflow loss.

no WeChat marketing taking shortcuts, but is motivated by the fast taxi market and planning, and operation of crisis. Such as fast a taxi in Beijing outdoor paint the walls and the third ring and the fourth ads, for example, recently, quick take a taxi in Beijing and other cities launched restaurant for taxi drivers, taxi software is B2B2C services, access to the taxi driver support natural more procedures.

advertising and paint the walls and taxi restaurant, and planning is the level of the market. To really get the absolute market advantage, more important is that the level of the leading opponent – level, which is the article I mentioned in the opening of “super d competition”.

“number one car” project, is fast taking a taxi in a attempt to “super dimensional competition” – a taxi is no longer a simple software localization, but upgrade platform for urban travel.

how to understand this sentence? Like is also doing, people make a living as a Job, someone as a Career, is a step in the planning of the workplace, more someone as a Calling, according to the popular words, feelings and dreams. A taxi software localization, it is the Job, the city travel platform is Calling.

position behind, is the mindset of operators, and hunger.

city traveling platform positioning, and what does it mean? In addition to taking a taxi, commercial vehicles, it may be able to provide more value-added services, has more imagination space, such as travel, high-speed rail, flight… And so on.

from the pattern and evolution history of the PC era, the vertical is the process of market concentration, in addition, various vertical business will be more and more integrated into an APP. Both hotels, air travel, software, or take a taxi, car rental, software, they all have the opportunity, will be integrated with the relevant business, provide consumers with more comprehensive set of services.

the ancients said, “law on it.” This is super d the essence of competition.