Female founder said in a male-dominated VC industry, we have become part of the deal

Forbes recently thought problem, detailed describes the female in order to own the development of the company founder, had to submit to humiliation, in compliance with the rules of the circle of vc. As a company, the founder of the women than men to suffer more pressure and challenges. The anonymous woman founder tells the story of his own experiences, and said in silicon valley and around the world, in the circle of venture capital has been the woman (even), founder of the female as the weight of a vital in the deal. ZiShuZhe fortunately, in this paper, simple also tells the story of some angel investors “game” with men, women get the money and do not experience too much damage.

hunting cloud network exclusive compiled for you is as follows:

it from his home to leave when I tried to keep calm, oblique with the computer and briefcase this staggering groping towards my car, I feel I am walking this road is so difficult. If I want to continue, and may require himself into a knife barrels not broken cheeky guy. Yes, you guessed it. Although I am a female founder, but suffered by all HR automatically described as sexual harassment.

in silicon valley, a man in the circle of share investment control, women have been as a part of the deal. I need for the whole of the future of the company operate smoothly, even sacrifice themselves to pay everything. Because I am the founder of the company, rather than an employee.

I think your company’s performance is very good. Started with less than $10000, we use the money to maintain the leng 18 months. We develop an Android application, now in 52 countries and regions in the global range for people to download. But, it is at this critical moment, we have to choose to introduce venture capitalists. Because the capital giants, can let the fragile we survive.

deal with these investors are very cost of energy. I almost every day with a coffee maintain their excitement. Fortunately, after I sent a lot of company is introduced, several men investors using text messages to contact to me. “I am very interested in your project, you can come to my house tonight interview? Don’t worry, I am a father, I need to coax my children go to bed at home.” This man is in a few months ago I met an acquaintance in the party. After lunch we have had several public meeting. Feel he is not bad, so I didn’t think so much promise.

however, I also proved totally naive. His wife was not at home, and I prepared documents also seems to be not interest him much. Although I have dressed up quite a “plain”, but this suggests that there is still no stop his ambition. After a brief conversation, and he began to put his hand on the shoulder, and try to massage for me. He seemed to see my tension and told me to relax. In this way, the air, at this moment my heart felt ill at ease. But, when he tried to further close to me, I rationally chose to leave, and very tactfully covers the embarrassment of the situation with a joke. In order to prevent he again make a similar move, I rigid on the corner of the sofa, and her legs cross stacked together. The reason for this is very simple, I naively think my legs seemed to be my barriers, warning him that I dislike and consciousness of self-defence. Unexpectedly, he had a blind eye to it all.

when he don’t know how to get close to me again, I’m a bit fed up. I had to jump up, walking to the other room. The room brighter, seems to be not appropriate for the dirty things. When he come to, I helplessly suggests, “silicon valley venture capital circle is very bad, there is always some hypocrite attempts to investment, in the name of the founder of wanton abuse women.” Let me feel surprise is that he’s fresh, has reached the simply make the gods cry. Not only did he not feel embarrassed, but comfort me: “yes, the road is very difficult. You got the short end of the stick, but can’t say that. Because of this circle is too small, this network woven too close.”

after that the article at the beginning of the plot, I chose to leave, but did not irritate him. Maybe you will say I am weak, but in the circle of venture capital in a male dominated, and what I can do? Though the industry media exposure so much scandal about industry discrimination, sexual harassment against women, but these women get sympathy at the same time, also lost the opportunity to make their company to succeed.

in I founded the company, demand the financing process, this kind of things happen too often. In the “massage”, refers to the men of the above, I also met a “rich singles” let me in distress situation. Also said that investors are interested in my project. But the strange thing is, after a brief conversation, he began to introduce me to his “family”. He claimed that he is a rich and thoughtful bachelor. If who can be his wife, will be a lifetime “extravagant and decked with gold”. After marriage, he told me, him will make his future wife live in San Francisco’s $4 million in the big house. And before too many, I try to reverse the direction of the conversation, but the results prove to be futile. Although the in the mind very uncomfortable, but in order to respect as a man’s pride, also in order to maintain relations of cooperation, at least I choose polite and cautious response to him.

in the face of such venture capital culture, the development is considered the most cutting-edge, the most don’t respect tradition, the least conformism industries, which mean the conventional is making a comeback (of course, you can also be regarded as the leopard cannot change, that being difficult to move). The women were discrimination in the Internet industry is harassment, people has become a commonplace. Behind the numb, the founder of the women betray hue, is regarded as the weight of investment.

when I appeared at the door of the “home” of investors, how I wish the people around you will not take colored eyes to see me. Yes, I am the founder of a company, I need to pay more effort than ordinary people themselves, more hardship. But I am also a woman, I need this circle respect for someone like me.

for a female founder, in her experience discrimination and sexual harassment (not to the point of sexual assault), should not just complain. Gender discrimination has already become the bad habits in the silicon valley and even the entire Internet startup environment. Someone told me the company’s employees more than once: “do you want to get the attention of investors, it is better to change the look a little geek style of male ‘face’.” When we can’t reverse the environment for a while, we can only change myself, in the game, to protect themselves is not the development of the company to get financing.

according to my experience, dress dress, behavior is very important for a female founder. Your dress feminine but never sexy. You can clear hierarchy of clothes but must not be too tight tight clothes; Your clothes to spell able in style but never costly feeling. Say simply, you should make investors think that you are the heart has belongs to, “real woman”, “reason”, not to offend them again at the same time, can’t let them feel “out-of-touch.

not only that, I also asked me to the employees not to “founder of the women” as a marketing gimmick. They should not use itself with a description of the gender discrimination or sexual superiority. A I summarize the truth is: the less you reveal your gender, gender not as a weight, the more you can on the base of the investment.

in addition some details will also play a warning role. Such as wearing a bracelet and ring finger with a ring, and so on. These can remind those sinister investors, don’t think of yourself as the prey.

the end at the same time, it is not important, must choose good contact with the investors. Can not go to bar the leisure place is as far as possible not to. Bars, karaoke bars a place like this, although it “close relationship”, but is also easy to let himself as a “joke”. Even where, you must also keep clear, are you going to talk about cooperation. In order to the development of the company, you can submit to humiliation, but absolutely can’t give up the bottom line.

our vc circle has some rotten! The end of this problem need industry thought big mediation! Those angels, please reflect on yourself, if you are a female founder, would you like to think of yourself as the plaything? For those who are willing to be as a “bargaining leverage” founder of the women, I also want to say, you see yourself as what kind of person, you will be what kind of person. Although the future difficulties and obstacles, but still have to be rational.