Finance start-up FutureAdvisor raised $15.5 million

FutureAdvisor services, launched in began in March 2012 by the famous business incubator Y Combinator hatch, officially launched the business last year. Though online time soon, FutureAdvisor assist with financing amount has increased from 13 million last year to 110 million now.

“aimed at the middle class, on-demand fee”

unlike peers Betterment, Wealthfront, FutureAdvisor service is not confined to the high-end financial, but aims at the broader market assets at around $100000 of the middle class, to some extent reduced the demand for financial management ability and assets. Bo Lu, chief executive, said FutureAdvisor customers are mainly the pilots and officers, the comparison group focus on the future assets.

FutureAdvisor services on market and financial companies also have in common – use algorithm analysis provide consumers with more suitable for the portfolio, not only provide personalized advice, also can help the user to hedge the portfolio of higher taxes. FutureAdvisor provide free portfolio optimization and homologous investment data integration, also offer premium investment agency services.

, said Lu FutureAdvisor information integration and optimization Suggestions are free, when a user request FutureAdvisor portfolio day-to-day operation of the agent, FutureAdvisor – to charge service fee about five over one thousand the amount of assets under management requirement for the user, equivalent to half of the general market price.

investors always focus on finance company can achieve earnings, profit as fast as possible. Lu has made a positive response to this, said that despite FutureAdvisor less fees, but handling investment enough, under the scale effect of ordinary asset appreciation can bring huge returns.

profile “financing”

FutureAdvisor as early as 2011 by sequoia capital, Rabois, Stoppelman seeds of millions of dollars investment.

FutureAdvisor this financing of $15.5 million, Canvas brought by the new investors to vote, the original investors including sequoia capital, also again make track for shot.

Lu said the funding will be used mainly for team building, the number is expected to double by the end of the 40 people.