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cloud network hunting note: Internet finance is the most popular field, many entrepreneurs to decisively into the tide of financial business, the Internet, we see a lot of Internet financial startup and surrounding industry is booming, and so on the nature of the Internet financial has industry development trend, the personage inside course of study is how to say?

the “catch” from the following Internet experts in the 21st century economic report – fly flute (FID) held the first phase of information on trends in school 】 【 course arrangement:

the lancet 21st century economic report – fly flute information (FID) chief adviser Columnist
The character of money tenpay assistant general manager
Soup series standard tencent IEG market and user research center team leader

source: tomorrow daily, 21st century public ID: SJMTRB
The blue army Thunder cloud to accelerate the division director of product

few words said, dry now!

1. The BAT is still in the three feet away, but sooner or later HuiGong to you side. Last year in the face of “balance” panic calmed down recently, we believed that affect “just so so, but this is just the Internet first wave impact on the financial sector. If BAT first find the path, cause the traditional financial user mass migration, so will lose the chance of transformation. Now breathing stage is one of the most dangerous, is also the biggest opportunity. Lightly, paralysis, the most dangerous.

2. Good use of your data. I must be criticized and attacked the financial sector, holding the world the best you, most complete, most real user data, and Internet practitioners use the related data are almost the worst. Even the user how much money in her hand, and you live in where you are aware, his relatives, do you know so good used data is not very good, what a shame! Conversely, it is also a financial enterprise may go where dig and create value in the future.

3. User activity to the new key. Users of financial value is how to calculate? Mainly has four coefficients, it is your total virtual users of the kingdom; The second is the monthly active users may be multiplied by a single time, the platform is not enough to only one, the user active means that often you to this place, like to open a store, as long as it is possible to turn it into money often; The third is the conversion rate, the people here have to consume, not consumption, how to strengthen the conversion rate is very important; The fourth is the focus of ARPU value, is how much money per capita consumption. The four is to multiply your TUV (Total uservalue all customer value)

4. Account is behind a person. Additional things of this man is very much, with all his behavior and growth, emotional appeal. If only as a cold account, always can’t catch the pain. Financial institutions don’t know how to serve, because at present only an ID, you don’t know him, he didn’t understand you, the two sides is a passer-by took a chance encounter here. Financial institutions to serve the user, the first thing to understand customer ID on what kind of things, all user behavior should be digital, service should be and users to establish a relationship, to marry him, make friends with him, only to walk on the path to see a broader space, or financial clients are doing is just a tool.

5. Good service, zero commission risk-free. Customer already in your registration, you’re just a good service for the customer, the channel cost reduced to zero, again through the service make customer money, it is not what risks, financial institutions day is too moist, it has not been a real shock, it is the most important problem. If BAT to get the license, I’m a one hundred percent discount, please each will play the commission to below zero, and even provide. My hand has five stocks, for example, a stock a significant decline or large negative, who will remind me this time? If you tell me the risk, even if I don’t have according to your operation, clients of emotional attachment to you is the trust, is grateful, this is very simple service is very important.

6. How to let users to migrate? Like to set up a “divorce”, China’s divorce rate greatly increased over the past few years, the past is difficult, because of the need to have a letter of introduction and through the neighbourhood committee agreed to by the same token, the financial enterprises to consider how to prevent users from leaving their own platform, can let him have the certain divorce barrier, whether it is because the emotion, or because your service brought him virtual assets, he calculated the cost to stay don’t go.

7. The team must be after 90. After 90 is a kind of precious resources, on behalf of the future may overturn the things of the world. If the team in the old man is too much, rational thinking is given priority to, the perceptual thinking is missing, it is difficult to form a wide spread of the virus effect.

8. Understand the grassroots demand. Finance professionals usually graduated from famous universities and relatively high social status, and understanding of grassroots customers is not enough, usually only used as a template to people around, unable to understand the needs of customers, this is the big fear of the Internet. Mutual Internet company to the customer to participate in the new value creation this process is known as CE, what are they doing when I was a product demand research must introduce common customers involved.

9. “the whole life cycle” view of the user value. Financial institutions to error, how customer value only valued his real assets and ignore his virtual assets valuation. Two fellow 100000 assets such as brokerage customers, a deal once a month, another deal once a day, the value of the difference is very big, you give him to provide the same service is not fair, you want to put the user in the whole life cycle, the people begin to use your services at age 20, if using 60 years of age, the value will be beyond measure. So have the customer whole life cycle of products is important, Internet users in why so valuable, this is a very important logic.

10. Virtual ID KING of the kingdom. Each account is this person’s ID, when the man in the use of your products and services, you are this virtual ID of the kingdom of the king and managers. How to attract customers to your homeland is very important, you should be speak MingZheng king, for customer service to you good rather than the simple management, otherwise he went away, because the cost of migration for them and not too high. Thinking is not the same as the Internet, will not pursue this ID to liquidate ability right away, but think a ID on the platform, virtual customers are profitable, pursuit is to get a paid account of long-term value.

11. How to deal? How to let the user can from the market into a deal? How to let the customer information into buying from reading? So you need in providing market data and trading driven relationship, there is a connection rod, don’t have the link rod, the user conversion rate is very low. Facilitate the transformation not only by rational, is also likely to rely on the perceptual, consumers a person into your trading interface start, what do you attracted to them, thus improve the conversion rate?

12. Reduce the cost of user access. This is the first important thing, I think that must be combined with Internet, brokers must be to develop the APP or cooperate with other mobile channel, this is not the past around the camp.

13. Be good at making event marketing. The Internet there is a saying, pigs will fly on the tuyere, if the tuyere, get into blower, also blew up. In order to marketing to do a lot of things, the traditional advertising has no effect. How to use “draught” create event, it is very important to create topic, seize the present and future popular the most popular things to think about the next where tuyere, to do a lot of preparation work before the arrival of tuyere, otherwise it is difficult to seize the opportunity.

14. Please cut off 80% of the conventional marketing. Most of the traditional marketing way has failed, this is a very stark reality. Can’t cut down 20% in a is O2O, what advantage to retain offline? Offline branches, business departments which function carried on earth? What function transformation? Now that you are still offline channel, make full use of them, especially how to put the user resources of virtual assets, offline to line up, it is extremely important.

15. Viruses, viscous, UGC. A good financial Internet platform must to solve three points: one, the problem of viral, if you offer a plan, no viral function, 90% of the project would have failed, not the remaining 10% is useless, but it may not have much of an effect; Two, viscous, buy stock and gambling is not a big difference, despite the fact that everyone feel value investment, can attract some characteristics of gambling, fry into fun things, rather than rigid as a tool of every day thinking about money? Factors such as fun will be more attractive to the user; Three, UGC, must have the community, will be closed loop, a data, like ali’s financial.

16. To embrace the thigh. The transformation of the financial institutions, securities firms, in particular, should be able to quickly transition, can quickly enclosure enclosure, can acquire quickly buy, can also can discuss cooperation between brokers, merger, can hold thigh to the thigh.

17. CXO transformation thinking first. Financial enterprise transformation, is the most difficult part to start thinking, if don’t change of thinking, all other things are no way, especially the CXO’s mind. The hardest part of medium-term talent, especially the leader and the team, is the most difficult is to stay for a long time, there is no genius in the world.

18. Good services and products. Internet companies cannot produce the best financial products on the market, because he is not here, the advantages of the advantages of the Internet is how to get Internet service, how to do more advanced Internet technology, how to do better social, interactive, real financial products and services are in financial institutions.

19. Only to open an account and transaction doesn’t make sense. Open an account to five minutes? Do you think is fast, we think is slow. Financial enterprises to solve the problems of the two most basic, the first is how to through the mobile Internet can be easily done to open an account. The second is how can very convenient to trade on it. By the way, the client if only provide this two accounts and trading services, without any appeal to users.

20. Interesting and simplistic. People ask how can the combination of the securities business and the Internet is better? At the core of a problem is how to attract customers to use including securities business, fry, etc. Brokers need to think about how to make the product interesting, simple, and to provide what kind of tools and services to attract customers?

21. Improve customer stickiness. How to increase customer stickiness, let the customer can long-term stay at a financial institution within the service system is an important problem. Financial enterprise services provided by the basic nothing today, only about some of the discount rate, who’s a little cheaper, or revenue. This lack of thinking in the Internet. Should adopt another mode, the customer’s every transaction behavior, every time when I logged on, each time the use of the service is as a kind of accumulation, help customers to accumulate some points and the change of value, so as to make some change to the identity of the customer.

22. Don’t imagine become a BAT. Individual financial institutions ability is very strong, the Internet can make it very bad Internet financial platform, but most of the financial institutions have difficulty, maybe is a better way of cooperation. I can’t imagine which have financial enterprises would be much better than BAT in the construction of the Internet.

23. Pay attention to young people. Young people are interested in finance now has accounted for 70%, financial management is particularly positive things for them, he felt I had reached a certain age, work, rich, has stepped into society, he would think that finance is the adult society should do. For them, the Internet product can be released him a piece of demand.

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24. Avoid by all means. In the eyes of after 90, the products have been on high, only waiting for the customer to ask. After 90 more willing to accept the active channel sales, but now products did not go into their lives, at first glance the same, can’t attract the attention of young people. For 90 later said, if only to establish a simple relationship between the seller and the buyer, it is difficult to attract this group. Outstanding product differences, more attention should be paid to how to communicate with them, make them feel everyone is one of their own. After 90 s love story, personality, travel to do, should think about: whether can can do further on the emotional appeal of packaging polishing, give them some different feeling?

25. 90 is affecting 60 after. After 60 parents constantly in 90 after the fall, there is a statistics, now of the family in 90 after the parents to make a decision, if you want to buy digital products in the home, is completely after listening to 90 48.7%, 35.5% to buy clothes, buy a house is 26.5%, buy the car was 24.4%, in such a family, each spending more than 3000 yuan, 1380 yuan from 90 after the decision. Began after 90 have such awareness, my parents have been more behind The Times, as if they are slowly beginning to willing to listen to my opinion, will feel very proud, it seems quickly became the head of the family.

26. Customers need to care. Brokers opened the door for me, now I also threw a lot of money, but I lost a lot of nobody tube, do it on the Internet doesn’t work. The user must do customer care, once produce changes in order to impress customers.

27. Don’t copy each other again. Users use financial institutions to the client, software, operating figure, big week small interface, is estimated between various copy, didn’t see the example of the case of innovation.

28. The user when a friend. Financial industry also said that the user when god’s wrong, should put the user when a friend, you are not mindset with a god in my life, should put the customers as friends, dare to recommend this item to your friend, you have confidence in the product is.

29 (speak) to bring their own salt. The gold medal in the financial sector, financial advisers, etc., can also become shareholders, investors, idol, can let everybody together with them to earn money. If a financial adviser can go to users when they encounter problems to solve, his will is the best. For the interest incentive mechanism, should value the user activity for a long time, not to open an account, important is how many people every day with your product, not to many people.

30. Are you sure you can’t do BAT. At this stage you should be more active to want to do what is a BAT?