Firefox ten years, time to say goodbye?

hunting cloud network note: unconsciously, firefox has gone through a decade, this had dark horse stance in the browser market dominate, losing in the PC, and for a long time not updated mobile browsers also useless. The indications are that firefox is facing an unprecedented crisis.

just this week, the market research Applications released June desktop browser statistics and research report. , according to a report by June 2014, Firefox’s market share has shrunk to 15.6%, hit a five-year low.

can be seen in the browser market share trend diagram, starting in January, firefox market all the way down, dropped by nearly 3%, while at the same time, the Chrome browser market share is up three percent, that this is not a coincidence.

in addition to the decline in the browser, Firefox another attempt on the mobile end also didn’t go well, the Mozilla foundation last February in non officially released Firefox mobile operating system OS, but the market research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that Firefox operating system this year most occupy 1% of the global smartphone operating system market.

2004 turn, firefox was Forbes, named the best browser, firefox was forgotten by the outside world in 2014 the most, the clever evil spirit be puzzled of fox, perhaps to say goodbye to you.

The Desktop browser market share trends

Google Chrome thus

back a decade, is the very moment firefox blockbuster. In November 2004, the Mozilla foundation has released Firefox, with the expansion of the compact fast performance and powerful function, Firefox as credible challengers for the Microsoft’s Internet explorer browser.

four years later, in September 2008, Google Chrome, because of simple, fast and stable performance by the user’s favorite. On the velocity and interface design, Chrome is coming from. Abundance of extensions is one of the main characteristics, firefox, along with the Internet explorer browser, Chrome, Opera, and other support, and gradually perfect the plug-in, firefox has the advantage of pride no longer exists.

Google Chrome became the terminator of firefox. In march, Chrome narrowly overtaken Firefox as the second largest browser desktop.

as the market share is gradually widening, the relationship between Google and Mozilla are more subtle.

Mozilla Firefox initially by the Mozilla foundation, its development and hundreds of volunteers, the Mozilla foundation and Google signed a cooperation agreement, the default Google search engine on the Firefox browser, cooperation with Google to become the company’s main revenue.

December 20, 2011, the Mozilla foundation announced again with Google signed three years of cooperation agreements, deadline until November 2014. The Mozilla and Google’s advertising cooperation agreement is about to expire, and Mozilla when 90% revenue from Google, in Google pushing their Google Chrome’s background, Mozilla contract will more weak, I’m afraid this gives firefox casts a shadow over the future.

guided mobile end

desktop to the shrinking market share, firefox performance on the mobile end more startling.

root According to the market research firm Net Applications of data, in June of this year, about 17.3% of Internet users use mobile browser, apple’s Safari browser market share as high as 46.1%, ranking first, native Android browsers and mobile version of the Chrome at 22.8% and 22.8% respectively in the second and third.

Opera Mini is 7.6%, 2%, IE and firefox was only 0.7% of the poor is only a third of the second from bottom of Microsoft’s Internet explorer. The market share is almost negligible degree.

it is not hard to see from the mobile browser market share, and to bring two systems: iOS and Android browsers occupied much of the mobile market. Originally as a third party mobile browser is weak, and the launch of firefox does not intend to iOS version, that is to give up the iOS this fertile ground.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs (Gary Kovacs) had told reporters, unless apple allows you to use your own browser engine, the company will not release the iOS version of firefox browser. Put the iOS users away, on the one hand, is considered to be a of the self insist on, while the other side is a stubborn irrespective of the market.

mobile OS self-salvation?

in the mobile Internet era, the company is facing against the front of the giant. Apple, Google and Microsoft, control of mobile operating system to a large extent affected the mobile browser market share.

Mozilla also see their weakness, formally published last February in MWC Firefox mobile operating system OS, released that same year in July the first Firefox OS phones. Its positioning is the emerging markets in the transition from feature phones to smartphones.

the Firefox OS is now with five operators, equipment manufacturers of four cooperation, in 15 countries sold with Firefox OS smartphone. These equipment manufacturers including LG, alcatel, and domestic huawei and zte.

according to Mozilla marketing people, currently Firefox OS smartphone sales, the operator channels proportion reached more than 90%. And market research firm Strategy Analytics estimates that firefox operating system this year will account for 1% of the global smartphone operating system market, share will rise to 3% by 2018.

despite of its own has the good market expectations, Mozilla’s cheap smartphone strategy still faces many challenges. In Mozilla’s target market, cheap Android phones has long siege, establish the absolute dominance. For users, Firefox mobile phones but android OS the spare tire. Combined with the application of firefox ecosystem not as developed as Android and iOS, it will hinder the development of firefox smartphone.

moreover, firefox advertising practices and company leadership also negative news to cause damage to the company’s brand.

2004 turn, named the best browser firefox is its web site. In 2014, the former dark horse “territory” is lost and lost, fell into the doers of the word. Ten years, the company to build this firefox sword is by becoming sharp passivation, and it can survive the next ten years?



Microsoft, apple and Google may at any time summon a large number of technical staff to strengthen the exploitation of the browser, and Mozilla, both human and financial resources, can’t compete with giant, in the browser market, the weak status are evident.The


source: tencent technology