First round of exams finished

Yesterday I had, in my opinion, the worst exam of February, 5 hours sitting in front of the computer to do a partial Java in which I had to use Serialization and Introspection of Objects.

The thing was like this, for the Approved: implement the creation, for the notable, in addition to the above the invocation and for the outstanding, adding apart from basic types, Strings .. support for arrays.

Before the exam was clear that in an hour and a half at most two hours could finish it .. yes, from 4 to 9 there sitting and only to do the approved and without finishing the remarkable (missing support for several parameters).

Problems I had:

– Lack of knowledge, since I could have used a function that returned me the constructor that I wanted by simply passing the appropriate parameters, as I did not know of the existence of that function, I had to program it whole, that is, recovering all the constructors declared for an object and checking for each number of parameters and type.

– VERY TYPICAL programming flaws. I lost something more than an hour and a half, as I was continually failing a function I had programmed. This function (contained in the previous section, that is, could have saved me) had to return true if the parameters were consistent with the constructor and false otherwise. What was happening? because he did not do it well, he always returned true and he made an exception. Far from thinking Why does it always return true? I focused on the exception that occurred, blaming the failure of the function, very bad on my part. After an hour and a half I learned that after calling the function, I checked if it was true, and if it was because I invoked the constructor, what happens … that more than verifying that it was true, I assigned it true, then always executed the first constructor and if the parameters did not fit the exception 😛
check = checkTypeParameters (…);
if (check = true) {…}

The function was correct, an = I had taken almost almost two hours of exam … send noses, but hey, from the mistakes you learn 😛 from now-> if (checkTypeParameters) {..} and I’m done with lios 🙂
I hope to approve 🙂 but it depends on the teacher, because when I get nervous … I do not attend to reasons, nor to modulated programming xDD is a salve who can, if you do not mind that the code is a little sloppy … hehe and otherwise neither nothing happens, in June I’m sure I get it much better 😉

Remove Windows Live Messenger advertising

With WLM Universal patcher you can remove the advertising that accompanies the last instant messaging client of Microsoft.

Remove the tabs, the banners, the advertising bars, the MSN search engine …

It even brings several options to customize it to your liking.

Something that surely will like a lot is that it brings support for several accounts. It also includes several languages, including Spanish, so you have no excuse not to use it.
Via: GenBeta

Password theft on Myspace

I read in barrapunto that: 60,000 users have “stung” on a phishing page and have entered their MySpace passwords. The most curious of the subject are the passwords most used among those who have fished: “password1” (106), “abc123” (73), “swimmer1” (43), “iloveyou1” (41), “monkey1” (40) , “Fuckyou” (37), “123456” (33), “myspace1” (32), “fuckyou1” (32), “i” (32). Truly impressive, among them we see some classics such as “123456” and “password1” also known as “password1” … we must admit that they are easy to remember, which is usually inversely proportional to the security of the password.