First “son” Blackberry Blackberry – foxconn Z3 was born

according to, Blackberry and foxconn after the cooperation to launch its first Blackberry smartphones, the Blackberry Z3 has officially launched. It is reported, this is dedicated to challenge cheap Android machine equipment, priced at $192, is now only sold in Indonesia.

the following is the specific configuration of the device:

5 inches 540 x960 resolution;

dual-core qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 400 processor;

1.5 G RAM, 8 gb of storage space (which can be extended to 32 gb);

5 million megapixel camera;

carry blackberry 10.2.1 version operating system;

2500 cells, and the talking time is said to be up to 15.5 hours.

support 3 g network, wi-fi, bluetooth.

all in Indonesia, it is clear that the blackberry hope you challenge cheap Android in emerging markets such as rivals. However, Blackberry Z3 basically do not have any advantage.

first of all, the system is not dominant. BB10 this needless to say, if successful, the blackberry wouldn’t be so miserable now.

second, the application of ecological too slag. The blackberry application platform even couldn’t catch up with WP, but also with Android, funny?

in the end, no keyboard. This might be a bit extreme. But the blackberry have been “physical keyboard is one of the biggest advantages of blackberry”, a few full touch screen mobile phone and blackberry had almost no market. Perhaps retreat to interact physical buttons control, can really bring to some conservatives and some just from the physical machine key keyboard function transition of new users.

cloud network editor hunting king does not think that must be completely out of the blackberry smartphone market. But we think in the field of Android already occupy a position of strength, continue to struggle, for blackberry ill is not much meaning. Focus on communication security, enterprise communications equipment is a good choice. Previously, the blackberry has said he will work hand-in-hand with NantHealth a smartphone focuses on health care. The device can not only meet user demand such as watching movies, playing games, shopping consumption, at the same time can view the 3 d images with CT scans.