First super iOS, Android platform advertising traffic revenue are still far less

according to mobile advertising providers, 2014 in the first quarter of the Android platform has accounted for 42.8% of all mobile advertising traffic sources, for the first time beyond the iOS. IOS into second place with 38.2% of the traffic share.

but although flow over, but in terms of revenue, the Android platform is still far behind the pace of iOS. Advertisers get advertising revenue from iOS accounted for 52% of total revenue, while only 33.5% of the Android platform. But it is worth noting that the Android platform advertising revenue growth, in the first quarter of 2013 was only 27%.

in addition, the advertisers also claimed that samsung equipment contributed 60% of the Android ads flow, this with samsung as the world’s largest position match the Android mobile phone makers.

the world’s largest mobile advertising market is still the United States, 50.6% of the share. Growth in the asia-pacific region, including China, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia, obviously, time grew from 13% to 23% a year.