Focusing Ding Leiping what greatness through micro letter encirclement?

after officially launched 11 months, amount of users easy letter finally broke through 100 million. Netease said it was an unprecedented achievement; Ding said the circus is just in the field of mobile IM; Hunting cloud network editor jun said, “don’t blindly copy others, strive to do your” is the only way out.

three data revelation

netease in yesterday’s conference, released a set of data is very worth thinking about.

, easecredit user break through 100 million, total number of active users is only 30 million, daily active users is only one over ten of the total number of registered users;

, each user average 3.25 using mobile IM applications at the same time, yi letter to always use long ranked third, behind the hand Q and micro letter;

, easecredit user community focused on young 19-35 years old, the group accounts for 74% of total users than easecredit.

the three groups of figures, not only for us to show the easy letter present development situation, seems to be for ding pointed out the direction of the future. the first data message, easy to believe it never could become the second micro; Second data message, the market is not saturated, yi letter to similar applications have the chance to parallel WeChat, and share; The third data revelation, easy to believe doomed from the start is not a can be comparable to the popularization of application of micro letter. as long as firmly with highly educated, high income, accepting ability, high level of consumer groups, is enough to make easy to believe.

easecredit data is a little let a person “in distress situation”

ding preoccupation: as WeChat haven’t do

the above three conclusion summed up in one point is to operate “differentiation”. What did find out the enemy didn’t do, what’s a crucial problem. Obviously, IM acquaintances WeChat is based on social relations, so to avoid this area, to a stranger social became easy to believe a choice. From the main question and answer community “ask” to the surface of carpool is unfamiliar dating “easecredit carpooling,” yi letter to expand business line at the same time, will himself into a strange social artifact.

when the micro letter after occupies the time to all communications, we have to do is fill in the micro letter can’t meet the time. This letter and user base is also very anastomosis. 19-35 years old of young people, but they were busy with seems to be no shortage of boring time, they feel tired but there is always make not over of energy, and their economy is always short often ended up in their favorite things. These people are not content with acquaintances social, they desire for fresh stimulus. Because they don’t like the same circle of friends, and pause between acquaintances and strangers contacts. Above all this, let letter into strangers are social could easily, and has great prospects.

easecredit smart: avoid the stranger stranger, add “social” fresh life jacket

social transformation strangers, met another inevitable rival, devoted to the stranger. So far, Momo exceeded 150 million registered users, and active users up to 53 million. Though far less micro letter, but for this is definitely a “obstacle”. How to avoid and Momo confrontation? Easecredit strategy is to “social” strangers the vintages, deserve to go up beautiful “bottle”.

ding to easecredit latest is defined as “social” fresh life service. Fresh is refers to the experience of timeliness and surprise; Life is related to real life entertainment, valuable services; The essences of social networking is all of the above services. Say simply, easy letter by introducing various life service functions, such as ask, carpooling, etc., the infusion of social influences subtly to strangers. Allows users to enjoy fresh form or valuable services at the same time, make new friends.

ask is easy recently launched q&a community. Users can real-time ask questions and get answers within a certain time limit. All the questions and answers are adopt crowdsourcing production mode. The user to obtain valuable information at the same time, can make strangers through direct messages with friends, etc. Easecredit carpooling, to provide users with nearby vehicles travel to share information. On the surface, it provides users with the actual service life, actually lets users from online to offline, let strangers from indifference to get to know each other.

easecredit crisis: unlike WeChat “problem to keep the user viscosity”

in hunting cloud network editor jun, easy to believe the future development of at least two very important stages.

the first phase, easy letter must reverse acquaintances “communication” to “social” strangers in the form of diversion. Free voice calls, is a means of wooing users, but never to establish user viscosity. Data from 100 million and 10 million gap, prove the effect of the method simple and crude but unsustainable shortcomings. Yi letter should be based on “new social” as the core, a variety of “free acquaintances communication” as a means of user experience value.

the second stage, we must start with a few killer features as the basis, often change chang new diversification “surprise” for the auxiliary service, continuously provide fresh “appearance” to wrap the stranger the essence of social function. Social young people keen to strangers, but hard to keep off in the form of a kind of loyalty. They need fresh stimulus in the form of the realization of the catalyst in this process.

summed up in a bit, easecredit strange social the biggest crisis is to keep the user viscosity of the same question. This problem seems to be just like little WeChat. Micro letter want the user to stay for long in his own closed platforms, so it will be constantly invasion of areas: pay, electric business, games, in an attempt to create the master key that from soup to nuts. All partners must be garrisoned WeChat platform, obey WeChat orders. Yi letter is not the same, its strategy more moderate. We want to be the intermediary bridge, through the platform for more cooperation partners easecredit diversion. Holding a more relaxed state of mind of the user to easily believe, as long as time permits, all, would have no qualms about for “additional activity”. For easy letter, it does not need to be demanding users to stay for a long time, but it must be able to let users frequently open an application client every day. While keeping the user viscosity is continuing to provide user mode of social “surprise”.

it is important to note that the easecredit team, said ding issued the final “ultimatum” to them, in the next 3 to 5 years, at all costs, is bound to the letter into a decent easy mobile IM products. how to break through WeChat encirclement, in the cracks open up a “dojo” enough to feed themselves, become easy letter similar application the most should be thinking of the problem.

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