Football, to be a partner to watch is ok

World Cup fans, like the author only at noon for lunch make up for the next to stay up late miss highlights. Remove the necessary period of time, and the football is not too big intersection.

faintly is David’s full moon machetes have impression in memory, speaking of football, in addition to should be able to think of Lionel messi, kaka, cristiano ronaldo, football baby is hot. Such a false fan, in addition I also have watching the ball in your team, they are the biggest pain points during the World Cup is find CCTV5 live source, blocked, leading to some TV box of radio, film and television CCTV 5 resources are hidden deep, it seems, a box of sarft banned to also go in the media circle a, each box of live video resources was intact, is confronting with silence.

don’t pull the other, “said the football back. Today there is a football related products online, name for football. Main features: let users can return at any time. What’s back?


two big main functions, the home team function, can set priority of their favorite team. Football called in the home team, once set, the home of all the team information, event information, almost one-stop access to news and information, is behind the data and recommendation algorithm. At present experience, recommend enough precision.

2: curiosity, the league cup at home and abroad every game, every player, both the starting line-up, history against the situation, and even injuries have detailed data statistics, regardless of the user professional or amateur can meet its lineup of curiosity.

in addition, football control also provide team mobile video live I can’t see (currently) and highlights the latest news. Product is the first version, recommend data aspect still needs to be strengthened. Commendable is the product details of the interaction, page transition and switch products can feel the sincerity of product details.

but it is a product for amateur, or for professionals, positioning really need to clear. In football there are prices for most of the word of mouth has a point can be users to remember. Such as tiger, the discussion of culture, live quality live video source, understand the ball emperor emerging mobile Internet products with its own vertical professional news for a lot of users.

football, the future is in specialty is greater than the amateur or amateur is greater than the two is to choose a direction on the road. Only circle and culture can let users precipitation. The user operation is also a test of the team in the future. But for now, to watch the game as a partner, football control or meets the requirements of users.

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