Foreign media: alert Android machine in China, unscrupulous manufacturers pre-installed trojans

recently, from: alert Android phones from China, because of some mobile phone manufacturers pre-installed in the mobile malware and steal data from users.

it is understood that the world’s top antivirus software company G Data by means of a from China named “Star N9500” Android phone for safety inspection, found that after the phone with pre-installed Uupay. D trojans. The malicious programs can pretend to be Google Play application, and steal the user mobile phone information.

cloud network hunting edit your access to online limited information learned that Star N9500 should be from shenzhen Star technology co., LTD, a product of mobile phone. Edit jun tried to log on to the company’s official website, but.

, star mobile phone technology has been described as “a brand company launched by excellent professional talents, focusing on the smartphone r&d and production of high-tech enterprises, have a large number of excellent human resources and the development of the abundant technical force, committed to the emerging of smart phones consumer market, headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and relying on the powerful electronics manufacturing resources in shenzhen, in shenzhen in 2009 set up branches and manufacturing plants, and Hong Kong set up wholly owned shenzhen two smartphones core research and development center.”

the introductory information is flip, seems inclined to manufacturers to cooperate with media promotion information.

foreign media reports, Star N9500 pre-loaded malicious programs in the cell phone in the case of user knowledge, steal the user data. And the program’s organization system security upgrade, once the equipment is not easy to remove infected trojans.

the security company, points out that this kind of mobile phone through into the mobile phone market abroad at a lower price, and can be easily found in the amazon and eBay. Cloud network editing your amazon and eBay website, hunting for Star N9500 keyword search, get the following commodity information.

then we landed taobao search Star N9500 again, seems to have got a commodity information. But the product is introduced into English. It makes us wonder, Star N9500 whether this phone is only used for overseas sales of Android phones.

so far, cloud network editor jun hunting is still trying to “find” star phone technology company’s contact information.