Former huanan huang xing capital play games victory all the raise, also pulled to touch huayi investment

in the heat of raise concept, vertical and others began to gather together to play all the raise. Today, the raise sites – the point network officially launched today, at the same time, three game products launched at the same time the raise.

the web company was founded in April 2014, the founder is former huanan xing capital managing director huang victory, he previously was mainly responsible for the mobile Internet, games, and financing of media industry mergers and acquisitions. To be sure, the time also by huaxing capital investment became the point network of the shareholders, in addition, the point of shareholders include touch technology, very serious fund, huayi brothers, appropriate letter.

website patterns and characteristics? Huang said victory, dot net is the focus in the field of game animation the raise, its characteristic is to break through the traditional suggests mode, put forward the staging the raise. On the one hand, can let the project initiator according to market feedback, flexible Settings at different stages of financing goal, so as to improve success rate of financing; On the other hand can also be set at different stages of return content, adjusting the financing strategy. For users, not only can understand the overall financing situation, still can clearly grasp each stage financing situation, so as to make investment decision more rational.

the current point in the network to participate in the raise of the three projects respectively, mobile game “the dream silk man”, the basketball game “basketball hero”, and “inferno era”.

in terms of the structure of its shareholders, dot net play the raise also is helpful for the issuers of the docking content such as touch, huayi, and provide opportunities for the project selection of the latter.