Founded two and a half years, home network complete C round of $one hundred million in financing

way home network formally announced today, has completed the C $100 million in financing, the current funds have all received, huaxing capital sole financial adviser for this round of financing. The official did not disclose The Times in party, but said the first two rounds of seven investment institutions to vote.

it is understood that this round of financing work has been completed on June 16, all financing have enter an item in an account. This round of funding will be used for road network of strategic business development and layout, continue to expand business scale, improve the user experience, especially in the mobile Internet user experience.

way home network, co-founder and CEO Luo Jun said “C round of financing is a new starting point for us, we are also in the way of business, whether it is aimed at the development enterprise, government, the owners or visitors, products and services promotion space also is very big, we will continuously invest in service quality, product innovation.”

way home network focused on vacation rental business, officially launched on December 1, 2011, after more than two years of development, now has covered the domestic 127 destinations, 66 overseas destinations, the online housing 84614 sets. Way home network, meanwhile, has been with the domestic top ten real estate development enterprises have reached a strategic cooperation, has signed a contract project exceeds 400, housing reserves exceeds 400000 sets.

prior to that, the company in A, B two rounds of financing melts to RMB 400 million in total. Investors including AnZhen GGV capital, the speed of light, CDH investments, qiming, ctrip and HomeAway, broadband capital.