Foxconn backed day cat 618 infocus war in an all-round way

on June 6, after the cool league, by foxconn OEM brand America InFocus (InFocus) phone announced a full preparation for Tmall for 618 years, to Tmall B2C flagship store in rich networking, ready for the “unprecedented”, and give priority to with cost-effective models.

rich networking is foxconn’s B2C platform, in July 2013, the rich cat networking into the day. And InFocus InFocus is American brand, by foxconn production and manufacturing, and even participate in the design of mobile phone products. This is different from previous contract, a people familiar with the situation said, foxconn CEO terry gou, extremely importance to the project and spent a lot of resources, to get through foxconn and day cat hub comprehensive cooperation in the future.

the people familiar with the matter said, infocus will advocate cost-effective mobile phone comprehensive war of 618, ready for the unprecedented efforts, as a big promote bright spot, the price will be a “scream”.

it is reported, infocus (infocus) in day cat rich networking flagship store with 799 yuan starting point purple M310 preferential price. The machine configuration 4.7 -inch Gao Qingbing, quad core 4.7 GHz CPU MT6589T (department), 1 gb of memory, 4 gb of storage, front, rear camera + 130 w, 800 w support WCDMA + GSM double card double stay. Rich networking pages have shown yesterday, the day the cat 618 large presses, M310 price 499 yuan will be surprising.

day cat 618 years to promote has attracted many big-name phone “platform”. Zte, huawei, cool cat, lenovo four mainstream manufacturers backed day for 618 years, not only stock quantity beyond double tenth last year, also out of the day the cat custom, new start, mainstream popularity into electricity years large presses, play on the Internet fans closer to the people. And millet, samsung, philips, and many other well-known brands at home and abroad will also be backed day cat. Rumours that even Tmall apple’s flagship store will be the first time for Chinese consumers count, or war Tmall 618.

rich networking official flagship store: