Foxconn’s foray into the server, analysts believe it “unqualified”

a long time, foxconn, all want to get rid of a “low-margin hardware contract” hat. Recently, foxconn, the eyes fixed on the server and large storage equipment manufacturing field. Signed with interconnected group in the 21st century, foxconn has relations of cooperation, both at home and abroad will provide big technology companies to provide server equipment and design services. Analysts, unfortunately, the ability of the world’s most famous OEM factory.

after the foxconn have Facebook and HP server equipment part of the order.

it is worth mentioning that the cooperation with foxconn is interconnected group in the 21st century. This is an Internet infrastructure and service providers, it is Microsoft Azure’s agency in China.

with the rise of cloud technology, will continue to expand the scale of the large data centers. This is for the server long development of unlimited potential.

however, the traditional server manufacturers and also difficult. Profit fell on the one hand, hardware manufacturing, must constantly improve the research and development costs, promote the product performance and reduced energy consumption. On the other hand, the Internet technology companies, began to optimize the existing technology and architecture, form their own data center, reduce our dependence on traditional server manufacturers and solution providers.

in view of this, analysts on foxconn’s server system design ability is generally concerned. In addition, the market is generally accepted that foxconn server want to enter the mainland China market.