French company Withings launched smart watches: shape and traditional watch!

25 June, until now, wrist wearable devices mainly by the silica shell leading the movement of the bracelets, but French consumer electronics company Withings today launched with an appearance resembles traditional watch fitness tracking devices.

this is called Activite watch appearance design is very fastidious, by simulating a pointer data show, and production in Switzerland. In addition to the traditional timing function, it also designed another set of calibration on dial, from 0 to 100 records the user’s fitness process. As to what is meant by a specific process, regulation, by the users themselves can be either 4 miles of walking distance, also can be 1000 calories consumed.

“our goal is to affect people’s health.” Withings, chief marketing officer of column Ann zhu DE’s Leo monte said, “this requires a can let people long-term use of equipment.”

this watch the sapphire glass and leather strap, and the appearance of traditional watches, there will be a black and silver two to choose from, when also can swim in aerobic exercise or replace the plastic strap. The product will be listed on this fall, for $390. (book Yu)

source: sina science and technology