From apple to see the future trend of new hardware together

on June 10, hunting cloud network

the apple in the latest ios8 surprising launched many “open” function, including HomeKit HealthKit actually directly from system level of acceptance of the other hardware, it is such a big surprise “open”.

to know wearable health equipment, intelligent household equipment but the future of the electronics market, the industry of the people are staring at them, trying to make a big article, won the favour of capital market.

as a closed ecological benchmark companies in the world, want to an apple for this two pieces of big meat on the earth?

new hardware category diversity have multiple legal risk, even apple was dumbfounded

wearable health equipment, intelligent household products and so on to the equipment form what is? So far no one has given a definite answer.

on these devices from the user functional requirements, the limitation of usage scenarios, you can see these new hardware will not like the product such as PC, mobile phone, you can have a single form, users only choose one kind of product. The needs of users is a wide variety of!

in terms of health equipment, some people may only need the most basic motion detection, others need some health tracking device, and there are other different people because all sorts of their own disease need other more targeted devices, such as: heart patients, diabetes, asthma, etc.

the first, these people are not rare, as what we think or because these unexpected market segment, points minutes your overturned most likely also.

second, health monitoring devices in different countries face different legal risk, it is difficult to rely on the “general-purpose equipment”. For many market can only choose corresponding professional equipment.

this is in the field of health equipment, and in the field of smart home devices, is also facing product segmentation problems.

a wide variety of household appliances intelligent how this kind of problem, think about all let the home appliance industry chain is not familiar, this problem is nothing. Solution in the kitchen, security solutions, photoelectric solutions, manufacturers also have to face all kinds of layout and wiring problem.

do you know the whole of China is how to build family house? How many styles? The user wants to several solutions?

ok. Even if want to big companies such as apple, technical ability, help to statistics, merging, clear, finally found only need more than 1000 sets of solution, and then also can give a good user experience…

however, solution design, you can guarantee the construction quality of the third party? More than 1000 sets of solutions, which one is the propaganda?

according to apple’s single high-quality goods strategy, apple or to open.

new hardware field involved, apple is not of

in the first place in the field of health monitoring, though with apple’s dimension, master the cutting-edge technology of science and technology is no problem. A single apple functional design requirements for products, both are seldom meet together. And in order to a small niche market, apple clearly not worth to do so. And in order to ensure good experience of their own platform, can only be open for third-party hardware methods.

this is to save face.

and in the field of smart home, traditional household market after years of accumulation, has reserves a large number of exclusive technology, the channel control has also been severely. Such a high threshold in furniture industry, any other new brands are difficult to get breakthrough in a short period of time. Technology partners can be found, technology is also hard to happiness.

plus countries legal policy, the complexity of the importance of the niche products, product classification, can’t also don’t have to put a foot.

future intelligent hardware need to work together, the standard is more important, the connection module

a new intelligent hardware will make our life become very good?

this is a let a person a word or two words hard to say clear, but at least you can be sure is that person’s time is limited, the new intelligent products impossible to smartphones, monopolize users over a long period of time!

you will be on a smart bulb music play which is not one of them in the first half of the year? You will stay at home all day elegant your smart fridge? ……

these scenarios may occur in the short term, but they will not become sticky human needs, is an efficient tool, the family decorates a entertainment tool.

but in order to further improve the operational efficiency of the equipment, entertaining, mining the novel function, synergy between intelligent hardware function into a threshold level of functionality.

imagine the future you want to do a family party, only in the smartphone or to run an app on the PC, home electronics will automatically play music, home of lamps and lanterns will flash as music rhythm, the projector to follow spot, automatic background music videos, TV friends can use their mobile phones or home refrigerator, total control of all of the information to facilitate the manipulation of the ball.

behind these intelligent hardware collaborative functions become important, all protocols, standards, hardware connection of the intelligent hardware module, is becoming more and more important!