From chaos to mature, the Android Design will be unification

according to Google, the opening of the 2014 by the end of this month, Google posted a new I/O is similar to the “Android Design framework Design guidelines” of “Quantum Paper project. The aim is for across multiple platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Google services and third-party applications, provide a unified design guidance, finally let these applications in visual and interaction design become more unified, coherent.

the figure below shows for us in the Quantum Paper under the guidance of the project, some changes of Google applications. One of the most prominent change is navigation drawers became similar to the original circular symbol of the Path.

reports, recently since Google + some change of visual design, is that Quantum part design change in the Paper.

it is clear that Google hope that through this plan, can put the design consistency to Google translation service can be extended to all platforms. Use software or services to achieve the result of unified hardware, has long been a Google management ecological fragmentation of the most powerful weapon. Previously published for unified Web UI Polymer is a vivid example.

as a core part of the Android Design, Holo Design theme, marked the Android Design language from chaos to mature. Unfortunately, many developers because it is not mandatory provisions, rather than the design theme.

it is important to note that this also applies to a project for iOS developer, just name into Google Kit.

Google now want friends, to insist on not with Android conflict on the basis of the Design concept, but also in the maximum extent to users on different platforms provide a unified experience. One Service For All Devices (a Service is applicable to multiple equipment platform), which is the ultimate goal of Google. This and similar to Apple, the latter is only One Service For All Apple Devices (a platform Service is applicable to multiple Apple Devices).