From millet meizu wheel war see weibo electrical contractor

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$1799 phones sold 17, 99, whether deliberately designed from the beginning of marketing, meizu on weibo indeed are a handful of fire. In a statement this morning, meizu through weibo, announced yesterday, to participate in activities of users pay. Announcement, less than half an hour more than selling yesterday MX3 microblogging interaction, similar to the conscience of enterprise to win a lot of word of mouth for meizu, also let its upcoming weibo selling the much anticipated.

in fact, jack announced that after the handover, meizu have been promoting social marketing, recently launched on twitter. The biggest competitors, meizu millet also not idle, just 95 seconds on weibo last week sold 5000 routers, followed by the mother’s day and red rice millet box mobile phones to send code marketing comes forward fan frenzy. A few days, millet’s official weibo system almost become a “flagship store”.

at the moment of weibo is very like the smoke of the battlefield, each hero rolling wheel to gallop. To support the entire game is weibo “browse – interest – order – payment – sharing” marketing namely social commerce closed-loop, “payment” is a more solid foundation on the battlefield.

in the meizu and millet weibo wheel war, woo fan camp, otherwise it is a “bloodless war”. If we say, in this respect is millet dominating the world before, so the addition of meizu, let the battle now is full of uncertainty. On April 29, that something of the @ Internet vote: “1799 yuan of meizu MX3 millet 3 and 1699 yuan, which one would you buy?” Results more than 85% of twitter users choose the meizu MX3, one important reason is that jack himself forward platform, said “the meizu MX3 is too good for millet 3, the eyes of the masses, but awareness is not enough.” Forward this weibo has received more than 20000 times, millet fans camp does not seem to be so strong.

when we from the perspective of enterprise, to trace the history of the microblogging marketing, will find weibo marketing there are evident in the three stages: improve brand awareness – sales platform for diversion – direct sales. The three stages of relationship is progressive transformation, demand is also more and more high.

in the stage of brand awareness, more consideration is coverage, time to account number to make the body rich. The stage of the classic case in the diversion effect is electric business war, jingdong and Su Ningyi purchase price of the fire through the whole weibo, and sina weibo summit hot topic. The war let jingdong and soaring Su Ningyi purchase flow, makes the enterprise to learn “how to improve traffic through the campaign and battle”. But, after all, brought from weibo flow into the path of the order is longer, will lose a lot of orders; At this moment, “payment”, the entire flow through weibo digestion, maximum limit shortening the distance between the user orders; And the embodiment of the sales is more intuitive and persuasive. This stage is a classic case of “meizu millet wheel war”. This war is a combination of interface Settings, “the wrong price”, “issued a statement,” the boss “platform”, “opinion leader reform” and “vote”, as well as the headline to weibo fans, fans, such as hot topic on the basis of “advertising” and other small battle of a major war.

when the microblogging marketing into the “direct sales” phase, predict will appear the following two phenomena:

the first, the enterprise revaluation officer micro positioning. Weibo in the first two times the value of is still in, and get through payment functions let weibo is not only a guide tool, it will become the enterprise direct sales channel. Jingdong is electric business channels, taobao is electric business channels, enterprise official micro is also electric business channels; And the electricity business channel to the “social” attribute; The spread of weibo attributes let whole electricity sales long tail effect more apparent. Only the officer as information release platform and entry, is not enough to get the value of weibo mining to the extreme.

second, weibo a gold-rush era. Sales need is not only a business account, and the media, opinion leaders, star, and so on, which can be realized will influence the account. Recently, weibo pilot pay has been underway for each type of business: have the meizu, Vipshop, bee network and other professional e-commerce sites, also a ghost foot seven, from the media, such as the game wind and cloud Miss users, also cooperate with strawberry festival ticket sales. Testing effect result is considerable: weibo pay success rate than traditional mobile payment products increased more than two times. It is worth mentioning that weibo commercial tools director lee ink Lin also revealed that weibo payment application will open function. This feature will open let weibo into a gold-rush era.

epilogue: behind the meizu millet “wheel war”, is the whole social marketing environment change, is also a weibo really become the mark of “social electric business platform”. Open the last kilometer of payment function, through marketing microblogging, will bring social electricity imagination space.