Fu Cheng about cheetah wind listed: mainly to the global market

in the weibo, after almost shares have landed in America, capital market once again usher in a new company in China. Tonight, cheetah mobile will be listed on the nyse today, ring the bell.

the cheetah code for stock trading “CMCM,” plans to issue 12 million American depositary shares (ADS), was priced at $14, between the previously determined high of $12.5 to $12.5 price range. Calculated at this price, cheetah raised $200 million, valuing the company at about for about $2 billion. (update: cheetah move tonight opening price at $15.25, a rise of 8.9% in the price, the market capitalization of about $2.1 billion.)

cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng revealed to the media, the public is a start, is not the goal.

why talk about in the case of Chinese stocks fell to against the wind, Fu Cheng said, so is still only at this time, mainly based on considerations of companies to speed up the internationalization, the need for a stronger brand and awareness, to build an international team as soon as possible.

Fu Cheng said that despite the current global technology stock prices fluctuate, but the cheetah move will not be too concerned about share price performance, more concerned about the user whether to meet the needs of users.

open information, according to Morgan Stanley international, inc., j.p. Morgan securities firms, credit suisse securities companies and Macquarie capital company as the underwriters of ipos. Cheetah mobile IPO, kingsoft will subscribe for up to $10 million in initial public offering shares, baidu, tencent and millet’s investment company XiaomiVentures shares subscribed for up to $20 million, respectively. In computing, kingsoft, baidu, millet three shares will subscribe for up to $70 million in total.

Fu Cheng said that these companies to make investment is also based on their own judgement at this time, the value is more complementary.

the prospectus shows that cheetah in 2013 total revenue of 749.911 million yuan ($1.23876), in 2012 total revenue of 287.927 million yuan, in 2011 to 2011 yuan; Cheetahs in 2013 net profit of 62.018 million yuan ($20.245 million), and net income of 9.844 million yuan in 2012, a net loss of $30.235 million in 2011.

Fu Cheng said, listing the cheetah move to further expand mobile users, expand the global market, and improve the ability of monetization, looking for strategic investment and acquisition opportunities.