Full of lies? Grilled steak for their endorsement of Chen’s undertaking the truth

note: gather beauty is superior, and at that time, ms Chen not only multiplied, its entrepreneurial inspirational story was widely circulated, even by a great number of women as “gods” in the heart, image like the shining stars. However, the story seems to be not so simple… Described below, of course, a lot of things involved in foreign countries, as to what the truth is, can only wait for the prompt clarification.

source: first Internet Internet hunting fact (WeChat ID: shawn – 2014)

don’t know since when, on the Internet became popular story of various model “youth”, is popular and the extent of flowery, “I speak of myself C childe”, is one of the best. And since JMYP listed, as a listed company CEO C childe more satisfied, more and more various talk about experience as their own success. But look at on the Internet, everyone enjoyed sharing and forwarding in the circle of friends, I really feel a little ridiculous: as a personality, a high-profile publicity, there is no right or wrong, but as a fact, everyone be fooled. As a person, I come to come, talk about C childe say those wonderful entrepreneurial experience exactly what happened.

I didn’t want to so well, but I believe that a rule: do, oneself first.

and C childe coexist, it can be said that is my job, I’m in VC, perhaps lucky, for the past 11 years has done some good case, of course, this is not the focus of this article. C childe alone.so he find me when he is ready to venture, middlemen face is bigger, so everyone had chatted together. After the meeting, the childe sat down to the first sentence is “I am not a business success, for the first time. What a guy, give me a take precedence. Can not deny the fact that his eloquence is very good, is good at expressing, and he did the concept of good, so I’m interested in his project is really pretty. But I think this guy is too will talk, as we all know, investors pay if you only listen to entrepreneurs to barak barak said story, that it would have without issue. So I just C childe on the background, especially he speak of those things, to do some investigation, the check result, unexpected story came out.

C childe entrepreneurial success and I said, is refers to the current Garena Singapore company. The information of the company is easy to find, in the 2010 launch of the race when (Garena +), at the time already is the most popular online game in southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area timely communication and social networking platform, with millions of active users, can be said to be one of Singapore and the whole southeast Asia Internet giant. Not so much a company he founded C childe ah, such a look, this guy is not simple. Afterwards, I through friends and connect with Garena current CEO Forrest, he is Chinese, Chinese name is lee, but after a talk with him, but found a and C childe described completely different versions.

a, about “C childe of entrepreneurial success”

the front said, Garena information is public, it is easy to check. This is a incorporated in May 2009, is engaged in network game distribution business of the company. In Singapore friends to my profile, also show Garena of equity structure and company employees, no C childe any information. This is not the same as C childe foreign speak? This is how to return a responsibility?

according to the C childe, it’s a long story. In 2005, when he was studying in Singapore to develop a game against platform software, called GGClient, the product concept, quality, variety of simply divine. By March 2007, based on the software, and he was numbered with the Forrest created a company called GG Game together. The GG Game, is the precursor, scenery infinite Garena today as one of the founders of C childe and what a big stake in original? And this thing, this is what he calls a “entrepreneurial success” for the first time. To apply for MBA at Stanford, after his interviewer (Forrest Stanford alumni) is introduced and Forrest met in Singapore.

in the investigation, I found it not so simple. C childe is right to study in Singapore, he wrote a piece of software is also true, he established business with a man named Forrest GG Game also is right, even the company set up time on March 13, 2007, is accurate. But! And some of this content was C childe ignored intentionally or unintentionally.

here’s story – C childe has never been about

first, about the company’s registration. When C childe and Forrest ready to venture, the first question is a registered company. Singapore is a business rule is very strict country oh, if you want to register a new company, not only need to register capital, more important is also a lot of formalities process, it takes some time. Two people don’t want to wait, then C childe suggested doing his own GG when the Client have registered a company, he registered the company is a shell, never used, was used for preparing immigration in the future, you can now directly bring them here. Forrest a listen to, feel can also, combined with entrepreneurship, agreed. So the company just start to build up, equity allocation, 35% C childe, Forrest30 %, an angel investor 10% (by the way, the angels is Mrs. Forrest classmate), we also save 25% for team members to do the option pool in the future.

but not for a few days, business was in August 2007, C childe left Singapore study in Stanford business school (there are many stories among this, we can talk below). And after three months, in November 2007, C childe find Forrest through MSN, said he “need money”, want to sell all his shares in GG Game. It is almost impossible, because at that time, the company’s prospects are not good, also didn’t implement any profit, this flange man is not so good looking. But Forrest is honest, then add himself out of the part of the money, gather together out of a total of 700000 dollars, also is really the C childe this 35% stake to outright. Wait until May 2008, equity transfer is completed, is it C after childe didn’t associated with the GG Game completely. For this, C childe really so thankful, thousand thanks, Forrest I looked back at that time two people dialogue and email records – boy talk is that it’s so sweet.

in August 2008, the company name to Garena Forrest. His judgment in early 2009 the company’s business model has a problem, so hopeless, so the inner, he would have put the company liquidation.

in May 2009, Forrest to lead the team to start a business, use the Garena name, or the Internet game, but not do against platform, but focus on network game distribution business, to create a southeast Asia’s largest distribution platform game, that is solved by the way, also have today’s achievement.

in the survey, I have asked the Forrest a question, why he was later to start a company must to use Garena this name. He explained that the name is a plane to fly back to Singapore from Germany wants to come out, inspired by the global arena, he feels cool, so I have been using this name.

Garena story Internet circle is quite famous in Singapore, I also with other friends did know, find the basic and Forrest said. Of course, the only thing they don’t know is the origin of the name Garena.

so, you can compare confirm said, C childe says “entrepreneurial success” is the water very big. There have two Garena, today we all know that Singapore Internet giant is to set up after 2009, mainly to do business. Except the nuptial and Forrest’s prior to the C childe in the Garena no correlation.

of course, if a certain C childe says his business success, also can’t completely say is a lie, because after all, he cashed out $700000, but the “success” is here so far.

2, about the “professional manager Forrest”

the front said a lot of stories, Forrest that person believes everybody is not strange, I admit that have a little tired, but storytelling can not live without the subject). But what’s interesting is that in the mouth of C childe, I have never heard of this name at a time, then wanted to think, actually C childe also mentioned in various foreign show interview this person, but he didn’t call, but with a proper noun “professional managers”.

more earlier, C childe this is disorderly speak, whichever Garena (before 2009), Forrest is founder. (I don’t know if he saw C childe describe a passion to do so). As the original, is two people cooperation business, C childe is responsible for product development, because of the original product form is given, 35% of the shares, Forrest is responsible for a team, financing and business development, account for 30% of the shares.

and they don’t have to explain more, have you seen what a professional manager will run into a startup, and finding, and pipe, take the lead in no salary, also 30% of so many shares?

three, about “C childe went to Stanford”

study in Stanford business school is one extremely gorgeous C childe resume, after all, is the world’s top universities. C childe has been honest with me in the chat, I went to Stanford is a reason why the record is of great help to pull the investment. To this, I admit it. Stanford, ultimately not Clayton. Due to this and not too much investment itself, of course, I also not fang, can’t disorderly speak, I don’t know for C childe degree, I am not textual research.

however, C childe description of foreign countries, often referred to the experience, always saddened, and he told me and said to the media outside the same, said his biggest regret is because in the United States lost control of the company is too far, swallowed their anger out in the end. But very unfortunately, C childe here make up the story again – technically, in C childe, this should say is essentially a comedy, but for his business partner is a real tragedy and farce!

must first from the study at Stanford it, C childe public said because some “unpleasant” inside, so he went to school, as if everything is a natural world, but is it true?

from my survey, C childe to was not what he said so wronged. He lied! Because this matter from the time, it can be easily proved that nothing is they start a business in March 2007, August C childe should take on the flight to the United States, five months, it is only 5 months. Have applied for a Stanford offers knows, Stanford application cycle is long, the longest need a year, is also very complicated procedure, need alumni interview and so on. If it is according to the C childe, they appeared unpleasant did he apply for, at the end of that time he apply for is 4 months, eldest brother, you really when go to the Stanford is saying? When the Chinese are a fool you?

when I first heard this time also feel strange, but after I continue to investigate, discover things complicated, it turned out that he really has already begun to apply for the offer, but in the first business, he is and Forrest promised ease business, to give up to study. And then, he backpedaled unilaterally.

this client Forrest is specific, then he sat and C childe adjacent location, often seen sitting next to the C childe filling in some form, at Stanford university have send and in which he once promised a little relieved. Finally one day, Forrest could not help but ask C childe isn’t change his mind, or to study in America. C childe admitted to say yes, say his parents asked him to do so, there is no way. He also stressed in the United States will continue to work for the company.

it is a bullshit, continue to work? 16 hours time difference, the Internet business, remote technical support, whenever a little common sense also know this is impossible. How much more are you on holiday when Stanford really is where ah, that is the most tired of studying a few American university is good? You study hard also not necessarily take the degree, to make such a difficult part-time? You when you are really Einstein.


it must have been very angry, start-up months, partners almost ran road, who do you play? In this sense, C childe, said it was a bit “unpleasant”, but it’s not happy is he.

but Forrest ultimately didn’t stop the C’s son to go to the United States, on the one hand, he is the man is honest (remember that $700000), on the other hand is a personal reason. He is graduated from Stanford business school, and do the senior C childe alumni interviews, also meet with him. Ha ha, the world sometimes really is very complicated, I want to check where to know that there are so many stories.

however, in August 2007, eat dinner together, after C childe wield the wins-a-comin, natural and unrestrained away, never came back since then. At that time, from their startup, only five months!

4, about the “C childe was forced out after being overhead”

this is a famous tragedy story: the United States, due to the operation of the professional managers, as the founder of the judging C childe was finally squeezed out, lost control of his beloved company. This paragraph in any public speaking version of C childe, but compared to before all sorts of lies and deduce, the scene is the most unacceptable, I think that more straightforward: too TM shameless!

C childe after went to the United States, but in addition to a shareholders’ identity, he didn’t have anything to do with the company’s operation has, the more accurately, is not independent, but there is a big damage. This investment is A common sense, an entrepreneurial teams, usually start to do the most in financing, will have angel investment, is called A round. And follow-up with the business development, may also have a B or C chakras. And like GG Game they this kind of situation, frankly, due to the presence of C childe, almost B wheel is hard to do. Very simple. Are you a team to financing, finished his story, investors have a judgment on your plan after check your equity structure. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull