Funny game price range 12 – $14, tencent cheetah will subscribe for support

happy funny game (the parent company and the dream of heaven and earth) prospectus released the latest update file, according to the price range for $12 – $14, and will get tencent, cheetah mobile and Japan Line three the subscribe of a total of $26 million.

on July 4th, le funny games formally presented the IPO application documents to the SEC. According to documents, music to make the game plan listed on the nasdaq global select market, stock trading code for “DSKY”. Credit suisse securities and jp Morgan chase, will become the underwriters of the IPO.

the issue 7.7 million ADS, calculated on the basis of the latest price ceiling to make the game to raise up to $107.8 million, and music to amuse the IPO can also through the “green shoes plan” for an additional 1.155 million ADS, if all the exercise, is to make the game to raise up to $124 million, the highest raised $115 million of previous plans. Proceeds will be used to purchase game authorization as well as other intellectual property rights related to mobile phone games, acquisitions and general corporate purposes.

after the IPO, management equity ratio will be reduced from 50.6% to 50.6%, but the right to vote will amount to 58.5%. Institutional shareholders, Dream Data Services Limited stake to 21.9%, up from 16.9; THL A19 stake from 26.6% to 26.6%; LC Fund stake from 20.4% to 15.8%. Red dot venture stake from 16.6% to 16.6%; DT01 Holding International Limited stake from 5.6% to 4.3%.

the prospectus shows that as of March 31, 2014, to make the game has 472.7 million registered users, the number of monthly active users an average of 98.3 million people. On 31 March 2014 in the first quarter, the company’s total revenue of RMB 174.1 million ($28 million), compared with the first quarter of 2013 to 22.1 million yuan; Adjusted net income of 33.3 million yuan ($5.4 million), compared with 2013 in the first quarter of the adjusted net loss of 500000 yuan.

papers also showed that funny game IPO, tencent’s THL A19, cheetah mobile company and Japan Line will subscribe for $15 million, $8 million and $3 million respectively of class A common stock, subscription price will be subject to IPO price convert to common stock prices (per ADS in ordinary shares). According to the United States financial website iposcoop information display, happy to make the game date of IPO is expected to be the United States time on August 7th.