Future technology summit: invite you to chat online with Song Ke, Xu Huan good music

June 18, on “2014 netease future technology summit”, Song Ke, Xu Huan good, both for digital music has a special complex music industry veteran, and innovation works partners LangChunHui together, to discuss how to play under the tide of the Internet and digital music? As with TMT industry more than ten years, the investment and the research experience of the Internet, LangChunHui trend of insight and understanding of the Internet will be and what kind of sparkles between two musicians?

hunting cloud network as the summit media cooperation, welcome to hunt cloud network readers to sign up to attend.

Song Ke

he once hold red Wolf, ye pei, hackberry, he founded catcher music and sit well with crop, he tried to pass online karaoke and music community, colourful bell business, online and other way to embrace the Internet, but in a word, “music is dead” to open after the roast duck restaurant, and then to Evergrande music, managing director of the identity of the back on the streets. He is Song Ke.

Xu Huan good

2013 three foreign labels universal, SONY, warner began to pilot online music to collect fees, finally died.

but soon had the situation, at the end of 2013 from Marine music cool dog music copyright company acquisitions, tencent and other Internet companies are large-scale acquisition of exclusive rights in advance, competition will change long record companies of copyright licensing fees low embarrassing situation, also makes the contradiction of industry chain upstream and downstream.

on the other hand, the culture ministry, issued the 2013 China Internet music market annual report showed that by the end of 2013, China’s online music reached 450 million, user scale and online music market as a whole is only 7.41 billion yuan, including 4.36 billion yuan in online music market size, smaller than the cinema market.

for Internet companies, while facing fierce competition, the side to do the dishes, establish a positive business model, and the traditional music industry, in the face of the mobile Internet, if there are new opportunities? Should play what role?

the summit online music special guest LangChunHui innovation works partners, China famous producer, crop music production company founder, evergrande Song Ke music company’s managing director, and far too good music founder Xu Huan, LangChunHui wisdom, Song Ke sharp and Xu Huan wit, and will bring to online music and traditional music industry what inspire? On June 18, netease future online music technology summit dialogue link, invite you to “listen to online music of the future”.