Game companies under a backdoor who is it?


if 2013 is the beginning of the a-share listed companies with the game, then 14 years may be the combination of the explosion, A close friend familiar with the investment Banks in the two words to describe this point environment today: “out of stock”.

the “goods” here refers to the successful scale profits (above 20 million RMB, over hundred million) best games, swim, swim pages and mobile game, the best mark, of course, is pure mobile game developers (such as a war hero, the developer of the soul EGLS), but the less enterprise after all;

the next best is the original business (side move pages and research and development, distribution, and even the media or channel business) has to make money, and then the last two years with mobile game and have a certain effect of enterprise… Typical such as swimming, 37 wan, swim for a long time, but the three companies are indeed successively chose backdoor listings.

can achieve such standard enterprise is not much, but by no means no, so, the next big action happens in whose home?

maybe move…

a swim pages system, mature, the heart began to swim business and quality have been mature

refer to move the game almost all people think of “the fairy said,” as a has formally launched operation 3 years (June 11 years) demo page of longevity tourism products, its for cardiac contribution is not only revenue and profit, more is in the field of game experience, reputation and brand value.


even more valuable, swim “the fairy,” glory after transplantation hand swim have also made remarkable achievements, must level on water, continuous does on the bestsellers need for 16 months, even now, “the fairy,” is the best-selling App list of the top 20, has become China hand swim the most long-lived products on the market.

on earnings, “the fairy,” page also inherited the good momentum. The fairy said at the time of July 12, iOS version alone has more than thousands of flowing water, 13 years peak iOS version had more than 40 million month running water.

move in 2012 on “the fairy,”, make its hand project benefit nearly 300 million; In 2013, the heart began to swim in the fairy, iOS and Android a confluence of two channels, presented a nearly 400 million RMB profit.

relative to some swim about to cover their products are not mature vendors, both in terms of revenue accounted for or a look from the influence of the product, move hand travel business is an important part of the company, and as an industry leader has been a work in progress.

gods word version of the iOS iPhone bestseller lists the turnover figure

as the pioneer of mobile game, move in “the fairy,” or web pages and the pioneer of mobile terminal cross-platform with clothing. The first three terminal end) (web page, the micro end, mobile games the mobile version of the journal will god also made a good performance in 13 years.

(about “god” of cross-platform tried last year I wrote a long piece, can reply within WeChat: will understand god.)

2 and 14 years of blockbuster products worth looking forward to

to put aside the past achievements, for cardiac, 14 years the most important thing should be “XianXia way”. As new original fairy team, both players and industry practitioners, its popularity is at an all-time high.

the page version swim test are open to the public, look from the rhythm of the existing tour edition on page “XianXia way” still in the process of adjustment, and meanwhile believe each mobile game channel/agents/distributors have the mobile game version of the journal XianXia way stirring.

known the mobile game version of the journal XianXia way and the page version will be different, the difference between how much, how will the impact on the user, believe that soon we will see; And as the game more news Revelations, high agent, must promote cost, QianWanYue, XX % of retained water we may again and again “well-known” keywords appear in front of our eyes.

This year, from the standpoint of snobbish,

if heart really in the capital market have action (such as a shell), existing products this year to maintain the income scale, new products, especially new fist product tour version of the hand show how will directly decided to bet on the performance of a company’s future profit amount…

three, rich product resources to ensure sustainable profitability

14 years before the move, more in the mind of the people is to rely on 3-4 core product page of partial CP class enterprise, and in 14 years this impression may change. According to a friend mentioned familiar move, “XianXia tao” is not the only one book is coming out this year.

on gameplay and playability, the heart will launch this year of heavyweight product more than 4, predicting each can have “XianXia way” level of performance. Despite heavy products, it’s now inside at the same time in the cardiac system, mild mobile game project has more than 10, there are six independent mobile game team in the creation of different types of mobile phone games, respectively, which involves almost all the time popular mobile game type: ARPG, card, single leisure, parkour, fighting and so on.

in addition cardiac interagency has 2 years of similar hacker mason “48 hours” of the nature of the game development items of accumulated nearly 10 various types of the original game, these products more emphasizes the playful and creative. Is understood to have several large platform are interested and creative game packaging for future cooperation.

written in the end, 14 years of domestic capital markets or to be a wave of hand tour concept, and to do more in the center of the wave movement whether is a guess… The fact how I want to only it happens you won’t know, let’s wait and see…